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        Okay, I guess I just don't get it.  Of COURSE we will never have
everything on every topic in every library and/or media center.  And it
makes no sense to allow ourselves to be beat up over this simple fact.
("You don't have any music CDs?  What kind of a library is this?"   Or, how
'bout the student who asked/expected me to help her locate a baby fetus to
use as a visual aid for her speech... .)  But what's wrong with
Interlibrary Loan, when the request is reasonable and appropriate?
        And in the meantime, it needs to be perfectly fine to discuss the
nature of finitude, when considering just how far a school library's (and
its professional's) functions can stretch.
        Perhaps they don't get it.  But we can still serve, even when we
must say no, of simple necessity.
        Take care.


        Failing to set reasoned limits means we leave ourselves pushing out
our four walls, only to have the roof collapse on top of us.

        With libraries, what is happening routinely, at present, compares
to individuals whose only experience with food is in eating it, being the
ones to decide what, if anything, is to be prepared, served, and stored,
and what budget is available for this miracle to occur.  Under such
conditions, those being served should be surprised and elated to get beans.

        Saying "No," with respect, is an essential discipline to learn, and
later master.

Jeffrey E. Kirkpatrick
uncooperative doormat in search of sanctuary
e-mail address: jeffkirk@concentric.net
(previously jeffkirk@sni.net --through 5/22/99)

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