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I've lost the original post and don't see it in the archives or I
would have sent a personl reply.

I wrote a grant a few years ago to develop a preschool library
within the high school library. I didn't target "easy reading"
per se. I wanted to bring in a wide variety of the best children's
literature available plus some resources regarding the importance
of reading aloud to children, selecting and using children's
literature, etc. The main tie-in was with the child psychology
courses that were taught already through the home ec department.
I provided a weekly discussion/lecture and we held some public
preschool story hours -- operated by the child psych students.

My building budget was dismal. I just couldn't have supported
the project through regular funds. But I received the grant
on my first try.

> On Tue, 8 Feb 2000, Keith Johnson wrote:
> > Dear LMNETers:
> >         What are your collective thoughts on having Easy Reading Children's
> > books (Dr. Seuss, Van Allsburg, Greene, Rylant, etc.) in a high school
> > library? I've worked in a Middle School library, and for the last few
> > years, a high school library, and have always seen a need for a small,
> > selected collection of children's books. To my mind, HS students such as
> > special ed., art, home ec early childhood classes, etc. can and have
> > used these books. I now work with another media person who doesn't see
> > such a need. I'm wondering what the prevailing thoughts of other HS
> > media people are on this. Send your thoughts and comments to me, and
> > I'll post a HIT. Thanks,
> >

   J. Rathbun | Library Teacher - Media Specialist
   Lincoln Elementary School - Las Vegas
   jrathbun@orednet.org [home]
   The views I express are mine and mine alone.

  "Poetry and hums aren't things which you get, they're
   things which get you. And all you can do is to go
   where they can find you."

             -- Winnie the Pooh

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