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Here are some hits, I came up with some too. Here are mine
1. Bookmark Contest of their favorite book
2. Poetry Contest
3. The Homeroom with the most Public Library Card wins a Pizza Party.
4.  I first got this from another MS, but I changed it.  "Reading Rocks," I
am asking people in the community i.e. TV, radio,  the Mayor, our School
Resource Officer, our Reading Specialist from the region and others to come
into the media center and read a part of their book or story.  They will be
sitting on a rocking chair b/c "reading rocks."
M. C Knowles, Media Specialist
Hialeah Middle
Hialeah, Florida

Here's some others from other netters
We live in a very small town in Montana and during children's book week, we
had a mystery reader week.  Each day of the week we had a different person
come in and read a children's book. I tried to get many people.  we ended up
with the lt. governor of our state, the university's lady's basketball
coach, Local TV personalities and the local radio personality. I started a
celebrity wall in the library and had the mystery readers sign in with
permanent marker.  It was great, the celebrities talked about how important
reading is to them and how important it is to every thing in life.  I wanted
them to pick their favorite children's book but most of them asked me to
pick one for them and I tried to match a book to their personality.  We did
this in small groups of about 30-40 students at a time for about 30 minutes.
I was a great project.

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