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Last year I did a month long trivia contest.  Everyday there was a different
question.  I drew a winner from the correct answers everyday, week, and at
the end of the month.  All of the answers could be found in the library.  It
was a big hit among students and the teachers.  If I don't do it again this
year, they may have my head on a platter!

One of the things my high school Library Club always does is dress
up as characters from books primary students would read, and go to
the Primary to give the kids clues about who they are.  The little
ones guess, and the older kids encourage them to read.  Sometimes we
hand out bookmarks.  Each time, my kids have dressed as different
characters, and the littles one seem to really enjoy our visits.

I have the kids make book plates. Usually for Children's Book Week and
whatever the theme is for that year.  But any theme or subject willl
work (favorite book).
I then chose 2 - 4 book plates per class/grade (this was an elementary
school) posted them in the hall and the adult employees of the district
vote on them by grade level.  Adults included lunch room aides,
teachers, administrators, bus drivers - if they would come in ,
custodians etc.
The one or two winners from each grade level them would come with me to
Barnes and Noble and select books for the school library. Thier book
plates would go into those books.  I budgeted about $200. for the books
out of my new book budget.  When we got out color printer and scanner,
we made one full color plate for each of the winners to go into their
favorite pick.
Plates were drawn and colored on framed 8x11 paper and then shrunk on
the copier.
Another neat project for middle school was to make a quilt of some of
the classics (that can be a broadly defined term to fit the needs of the
We ordered special pens to color on cloth.  We found money to have it
sent out and put together by a professional quilter - but you could find
a volunteer.  Could work the same way as the book plates. All make one
and  narrow it down.
Michele Knowles, Media Specialist
Hialeah Middle School
Hialeah,. Florida

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