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This message on MLA vs APA citation syles may be of interest to us in the
current discussion on which style to teach. My husband is a professor in
Rhetoric and Composition and this was sent to him  by another writing
professor.  I think we often carry on with what we have always done, with
the way we were taught,  without looking at changes that have occured in the
writing field.  If high schools are to prepare students for the skills they
will need in college it is important that teaches are aware of this kind of
information. sarah

> "Robert J. Connors" <robert.connors@UNH.EDU> on 05/19/99 01:07:02 PM
> Please respond to Writing Program Administration <WPA-L@asu.edu>
>  To:      WPA-L@asu.edu
>  cc:      (bcc: Irvin Peckham/CAS/UNO/UNEBR)
>  Subject: Re: Citation Styles
> Since, like most everyone in our field, I have been teaching MLA citation
> style as the default setting in all my courses, I was quite surprised to
> find, on looking into *lots* of journals from all kinds of disciplines
> can do it yourself in the browsing room of your library's serials
> collection) that current MLA form is used in only about 25% of all
> in literature, and in no journals in any field outside English.  The two
> major formats in real use are APA and Chicago, with CBE coming up a third
> in the sciences.
> The only field in English studies to have adopted MLA completely for all
> journals not using APA is--you guessed it!--comp studies.

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