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And the answers are:

1 Mouse and the Motorcycle

2 Indian in the Cupboard

3 James and the Giant Peach

4 Jumanji

5 Island of the Blue Dolphin

6 How to Eat Fried Worms

7 Wizard of Oz

8 Madeline

9 Sign of the Beaver

10 Winnie the Pooh

11 Babe

12 101 Dalmatians

13 Peter Pan

14 From the Mixed-Up files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

15 Charlotte's Web

16 Arthur

17 Curious George

Parent bonus:
        Summer of 42
        Gone with the Wind

I will be more than happy to share the visual clues we used if anyone
wants more info.


           Nadine Lipman, School Librarian
             Cohanzie Elementary School
                 Waterford, CT  06385
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Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 11:56:54 -0500
From: Susan Fulmer <Susan_F@TRECA.ORG>
Subject: HIT bomb threat part 2

We teachers have responded to the discussions seriously, too, so that the
kids won't think it is funny and start an epidemic of notes just to get out
of school.  I think the point was driven home when they had to board buses
in freezing weather without coats, bags, books, etc, and many that work
were very inconvenienced by not being allowed to have their cars until that

My school is an elementary, and we have never had a bomb threat.  However,
our High School has had one this year.  It concerns me, because I have a
son at the High School now, and will have a daughter there next year, and I
am greatly aware that, due to the design of the building, any security
there is a joke.  Otherwise, it concerns me in that they are releasing
about 1200 high school students into the town when parents, etc., are not
necessarily available to supervise, or even aware that their students are
not in school.  I don't know about commonplace, but it is definitely a fact
of life in the modern age.

We had a bomb threat just last week.  Sounded quite authentic.  Principal
cleared the building and the dogs went through.  Students and staff lost
3/4 of the instructional day.  Everyone was sent home.  Very disruptive.
I am also very concerned about this and potential firearms in the
building.  I found several bullets (I know that's not the right word, but
these were unshot and complete cartridges) lying in the hall outside the
library.  I showed these to the school administration and to the school
liaison RCMP officer, but was brushed off by both.
I'm certainly not as comfortable coming to school as I have been in the

On Halloween we were on full alert. Rumors circulated
that a gang was planning an initiation, and that the
price of initiation would be the killing of a police
officer, or a teacher. Two other high schools in the
district were closed for the day. We cancelled all
extra curricular activities. Several teachers called
in sick. Parents picked up their kids around 1:00.
While this was not a bomb threat, it was a threat. It
disrupted the educational process for many students,
and many parents had to make various arrangements to
cope with the situation.
Am I concerned? Yes. Not because I felt threatened,
but because the education of an entire district came
to a holt, based on a rumor. The administration had to
take the threat seriously, a classic case of damned if
you do, damned if you don'

I received an e-mail threat in the weeks after Columbine--it was traced to
a disturbed student--my biggest concern was keeping it very quiet because
just that DAY a woman in a neighboring  community had a heart-attack
,picking up a grandchild in a fake bomb threat. Since mine was way in the
future by months--I was able to safely notify the authorities, and my
principal and security could act promptly. The hardest part was that the
student opened an acct. in another students name, and the innocent boy had
to go through much grief til all got solved.

We have had no bomb threats this year  in school.  Yes, when we do, we take
them seriously.  We have bomb drills.

Our school has not received any bomb threats or threats to teachers in the
1999-2000 school year.  I hadn't heard about any prior to my coming.

     We haven't had any bomb threats this year.  Two last year.  Both were
prosecuted.  We have had numerous prank fire drills.  We have cameras in the
school but so far, no luck catching the sneaky culprits.  It is always
the middle of one of our lunch waves.  The students are pretty disgusted so
think we may have some snitching soon.  I just hope they don't become
complacent in the event of a real event.

After the incident at Columbine last year we had 3 or 4 bomb threats
in our middle school.  The first time it happened it was scary; then it
became a nuisance.  However, we did have to institute a policy for
procedures during such a threat; how wo evacuate the building and what to do
with the kids.

just had a bomb threat last week. To the best of my
memory, we had 2 in 1996 when we opened and no more...until last week. The
fist two, we evacuated. This time, all adults were asked by the security
guards to discreetly "look around" for anything unusual. No one found a
thing. Did that make me a little uncomfortable? Yes. I'd rather be out of
building with "experts" looking for the things.

We did have a very violent act, last year. Two students burned down, what
they thought was the assistant principal's house, in retaliation for being
expelled for a dress code violation. However, the boys were so intoxicated,
they burned the neighbor's house instead. The young family of four escaped.
The boys are in jail for 7-10 years. I'm very aware of threats, but can't
worry about it. Driving home every day scares me more. <grin>

No bomb threats this year.  the 1st and second years I was at IVHS, there
were several, around 4 per year.  I have not personally been threatened.
School never closed over this.  There was a bomb threat at Drexel when I
was in library school.  I think it is more commonplace these days.

I can tell you that when I worked in Texas at least 12 years ago, i ws the
acting principal in the absence of our elementary building administrator.
We had at least three bomb scares that year.  I do think they are becoming
more frequent.  This area had threats after Columbine.  Maybe a
sign of the times.  Hope all is settled soon.

Last spring we had 3 bomb threats.  We were out of school most of those
days.  It was terrible--very disruptive, but also, scary.  We were
pretty sure it was just a copycat situation after Columbine, but you
just can't take a chance with matters like that.  Another school in our
district also had one. Their caller was caught but ours never was.

We haven't had a bomb threat but we did have ...
We do have "security drills" and a "Lock Down" procedure in place
On the other hand, our high schools have all had bomb threats over the
years, but I couldn't say how many or when.

My school has had four bomb threats this year.  All were within a week
period of time.  I work on a military base overseas so this does not
seriously concern me.  Access to explosives are very limited here.  If I
were at my former schools in the states I would be a little more concerned.
There have been bomb threats since I started teaching 20 years ago.

There was a bomb threat at our school last spring.  Yes, I am concerned,
but there have been many more threats at schools in surrounding areas.  We
have an emergency plan at our school should there be another threat, but not
much is said about the plan, and staff is not reminded about it.
  As far as death threats to teachers are concerned, I haven't heard of any
my school, but in my previous district in , one of our very
mild librarians received one years ago.  When she went to the vice principal
about it, he asked if this was the first one (he'd had so many--and he was a
wonderful "southern gentleman"-type--or so I thought of him).

:  I'm a new Med. Sp. in a high school, which is in a great district
and we have not had any bomb scares that I've heard of.  However, the high
school which I graduated from and a short distance away,
did have one recently.  The culprits were students from the no surprise.
Hope this helps.

We had our first last Friday. Did I think it was real? no! Did we have to
evacuate & send everyone home? yes. Most of the students even took off
Monday because they were 'afraid'. Of course nothing was found and the
student has not yet been caught that wrote the note with the threat.

We had 3 bomb threats last spring at my high school in Michigan.  We were
never concerned because they were just kids trying to close down school.
All of the kids' identities were discovered and turned over to the local

We have had two bomb threats at our school the past two years--one each
year, both in the spring.

About 8 years ago we had a bomb threat to the whole district and all the
children were evacuated--spent almost an hour on the playground while
building were searched.  That's the only one I know of in modern history.
I thought bomb threats were more a 60's thing.  I remember being evacuated
from the dorm many times in the middle of the night but that's another
story a long time ago.

threats must have been in vogue today.  The high school in a community
about 9 miles from where I am was evacuated today because of a threat.
However, it was not a bomb threat but the threat of attack from a group
calling themselves....the Black Coat Mafia...sound a little familiar?  This
was the second time in a week that this school, was
evacuated.  Last week it was a fire in a bathroom and then this today.
Although it was not a bomb threat as you asked for in your post, I feel
unfortunately, the events at Columbine ten months ago have not deterred
individuals from turning our schools into a virtual nightmare..for teachers,
parents, and students.  Evidently the threat today was part of grafitti,
complete with swastikas, that was found on school property.  It only makes
wonder where all this maddness will end!

Our 6th-7th grade school has had no threats.
Our 8-9th school has had a bomb threat--students caught and
It also had another incidence of students making a "hit" list with an
attempt to procure a weapon.  Also caught and prosecuted.

My school has had several bomb threats.  Three of them were 20 years ago.
We didn't cancel school for bomb threats in those days, but we did have
teams of people come into the school and check for bombs.  Partically
impossible in the library.  Two weeks ago a brick was thrown through
some glass doors on the weekend with a note attached that said watch out
on the 31st. The principal told us at an in-service meetings about all
the detectives etc. that they have working on this.  I think schools
need to take these threats very seriously in this day and age.  If my
school has a bomb threat (with all the school violence nationwide) I
would hope we would cancel school.  I think our principal indicated
today that if the note had actually mentioned a bomb it would be taken
even more seriously than the implied threat 'watch out'.
Honestly, I really don't want anyone to hurt my students. And I sure
wouldn't want to be somewhere when a bomb goes off.

Yes, our school had one bomb threat and it happened last summer.  Our
students are not in session, but our school remains open all year.  I do not
feel particularly unsafe at our school.  I am pleased that our
administration has plans to hire increased security, place a fence around
the school and station guards at the two entrances.  As it stands now, our
schoool is wide-open and anyone can enter from any point.

We had a bomb threat at one of our high schools shortly after the Columbine
tragedy last year.  We also had one at our middle school in October of this
schoolyear.  Most recently we had one of the elementary students in this
building type "I got a bomb" on one of the computers in the computer lab
while the lab was unattended.

...one thing about this list serve is how no matter the issue, someone
ELSE out there is have the same trouble !

We have had 3 threats in 2 weeks.  This a small school
2 were phone calls, one a paint smear "bomb is here" message
on a window.

This is a ,,,,community and I am NOT scared..just frustrated at
the power these threats carry.

We have gone to "Lock-down"...only ONE door may be opened.  I took
delivery of a BOOK FAIR...I have outside doors with a ramp...had to take
delivery at THE DOOR and push the cases down two hallways during

Faculty is not allowed into building after 4 or on weekends!
There is a reward offered by school board for infor leading to...etc.

There is MUCH more "knee-jerk" reaction items that are really
WRONG, but I won't spend time.

We have not had a bomb threat at our school.  But one of the middle schools
had an incident where a student sprayed pepper spray down a hallway and 25
students and two teachers were sent to the hospital for treatment just two
days ago.

One high school in our county was out of school all day because the
custodian noticed a "stranger" carrying a valise into the building very
early in the morning. He got around to mentioning it around 1st period after
everyone was in the building. They evacuated and sent them all to the
football field to sit and wait...Bomb squad, dogs, helicopters the whole bit
(TV Crews) He finally spotted the man...a substitute teacher he hadn't seen

After that some students called in a bomb threat to the same school, were
caught and harshly dealt with through the courts.

Then, the same high school had a boy take his entire class hostage with a
"bomb" it was a spray can and fire crackers or something. He too was dealt
harshly with in the courts.

None of the other schools have had a problem like those described above. It
really is a nice rural community and for the most part no one flips or is
flipped out. BTW...the substitute didn't come back:-) though.

Yes. In fact, today we have a threat, but school remains open with added
security. This is a first for us.

,  Yes we had a threat last May.  The threat came across our server.
Message read "You're all gonna die"  So not exactly a bomb but what do you
do.  We evacuated.  Most upsetting was that this went across our network to
our elementary building also.  So had to evac . there too.  As this was the
last day of school and just after recent bomb threats in the news so much
the authorities (after a VERY thorough search) decided that it was just a
prank.  The best part of this was that all high school students were
evacuated to the local bowling ally.  Within about 5 minutes the popmachine
was empty and students had to stay in a rather dark and very warm building
for over 2 hours while the search was conducted.  Students never "told" who
did it but we all figured the culprite was probably punished by their peers
in some way for keeping them all inside on a very nice early summer day.
Good news is there hasn't been even a hint of a problem this year.

Yes, we had one at the high school I was teaching at here in Irving last
year. It was right after the Columbine incident, so I figured it was kids
just playing off the atmosphere at the time. My own high school had a
shooting rampage before I attended it (early 80s?), so it's not a real new

The school I was at last year had a plastic soda bottle "bomb" go off in a
wastecan on the floor right above me.  It was made by using some kind of a
tablet that campers use to keep food warm, dissolved in water and then put
into a sealed 2-liter soda bottle.  There was significant shrapnel. Luckily
one was hurt.  The school was evacuated and the campus supervisors found two
more unexploded devices.  The police and bomb squad came out.  This happened
right after lunch and then school was dismissed about an hour early while we
were all outside.  The kids were caught and disciplined.

We were concerned - Columbine was still so fresh in our minds.  What it did
make us do is allow cell phones and pagers in school now, especially since
teachers in the portable classrooms didn't have phones.

I'm not concerned much anymore - if it happens, it happens.  I can't live in
fear. But it helps to have plans in place in the event.

When I was in a DC high school a few years ago, we had several bomb threats.
I think a number were called in by students so as to cancel school.

I used to work in New York and last spring
we had many, many bomb threats.  Some of them were
district wide, some county wide, and some in the
suburbs surrounding the city.

At that time I worked in an elementary school and we
had to march all 700 kids out into the weather.  After
a few times we made arrangements with an area church
to walk the kids over and at least get them out of the
cold.  What a drag it was!

We were getting sometimes 2-3 threats per week for the
last 4 months of school.  After receiving so many, I
guess you get rather casual about it.  It just made me
angry that our kids were put in harm's way just so a
HS kid could get some time off.  Those students that
they did catch making the phone calls were older
students in the county.

I wouldn't worry too much about it, my understanding
is that many, many threats are made that we never even
hear about. (So my sources at the police department say.)

Susan Fulmer
(your ever humble servant)
Mohawk School District
Sycamore, OH 44882

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