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Thanks to everyone who responded ! Several Netters asked for a hit.  I asked
for suggestions or an alternative method for printing *1* barcode or spine
label at a time.  It's been awhile since the request so....

"Most books are ordered with full processing.   However, some original
cataloging is still needed.  I want to eliminate the use of the typewriter
and still print spine labels and barcodes ONE at a time! I don't want to
waste full sheets of labels.  This would seem to eliminate the use of a
laser or inkjet printer.  Therefore a tractor feed printer seems to be my
only solution with the necessary software.  I would be using BarTender with
Follett's CIRC and Catalog Plus.  Vernon Library Supplies sells the
straight-path Lexmark 2390 plus forms printer for use in this scenario."


Barcode Labels
Our cataloging program, Spectrum, does allow you to start anywhere on a
of labels. I wonder if yours doesn't, too.  We use Avery 5160 mailing
which are about the size of the catalog barcode labels.

Spine Labels
In MS Office, I was able to get two spine labels onto one mailing address
label. It worked like a charm. I made a spreadsheet with the spine label
information and mail merged it onto Avery 5160 mailing labels.

This year I am at a new school and they use Clarisworks. I was able to use
the database and have been able to put one spine label onto the Avery 5160
labels, but not two, yet.
I have a simple Avery label printing program which I use to print
bookcard labels, pocket labels and spine labels.  It is not expensive and
does a good job.  I use the laser printer here in the library.  It will
allow you to print one label or 30.  The local office supply store probably
has it.
 I haven't done it too many times but have
run the same sheet through 5 to 6 times.  There are 30 labels on the page
that I use to stick on book cards and book pockets.  They are the 1" x 2
5/8" size, Avery 5060 Laser white address labels.  It's a lot better than
having to hand write the cards and pockets if your vendor makes a mistake
and sends the books unprocessed, etc.
Brodart has a product called the CoStar Label Writer.  This product is
featured on page 76 of our 2000 catalog.   It can print Barcode labels
and spine labels, along with shipping and address labels.

It is a small printer that hooks to your PC or Mac. You install the
software, load the labels and your are ready to go.

The price of the machine is $279.00.  Spine labels are $25.00/750 and
barcode labels are $ 25.00/450.
I print one label at a time on our inkjet printer.  I print from the bottom
of the page up, choosing the page number for the last label on the page as
the one where I put the info I need.  The pages feed through fine as long
as the ones at the top of the page are still there. I use WordPerfect to do
this and I can see exactly which label I am typing on and can choose which
label to print on.
We use laser printer and do sheets at a time.  You just have to
indicate on the system where you want to start on the sheet.  You can just
put in a dummy spine label if you need to fill a blank spot also.
I use P-Touch to make barcodes one at a time.

Thanks again :-)

Jody H. Turner
Library Manager
Bedford County Public Schools
PO Box 748
Bedford, VA  24523
540-586-1045 Ext. 255

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