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Thanks to the 43 responses I received regarding my study hall supervision =
problem.  I began to respond to the first of you who emailed me, and then =
as the responses grew in number, I didn't have the time to respond to each =
one of you separately.  I am extremely grateful to all of you.  I have =
compiled all of your info and will share with my principals hopefully next =
week.  For the past two weeks the principal has required one study hall =
teacher to accompany and supervise the students in the IMC during the =
three periods that we have double study halls.  The other study hall =
teacher remains behind to watch the few that have chosen not to check into =
the IMC.   He does not require study hall teachers during the other 5 =
periods to come along and supervise unless they are left with 5 or fewer =
students in their class. (They are the only study hall those hours.)   I =
have had no cooperation from the teachers in the single study halls =
despite the fact that we have caught some with fewer than 5 in the room.  =
The others who are required to come are very angry.  They tell me they =
can't get their work done.  Never mind that they already have a prep =
during the day.  Anyway, the issue is far from resolved.  In case any of =
the rest of you are curious, the tally is as follows.  Again, many thanks =
for your support.  Sara

7 schools have the librarian assigning passes in the morning to those who =
wish to use the IMC.
7 schools have classroom teachers assigning passes for study hall students =
to use the IMC.
13 librarians limit the number of students coming in.
3 libraries do not allow failing students to use the facility during study =
"Reading Glamour doesn't help them pass social studies"  (I loved that =
1 school has study hall teachers assigning passes to the IMC.
2 schools have a teacher assigned to monitor study hall students in the =
(These two love it).
2 schools require the study hall teacher to accompany the class if the =
majority of those students wish to use the IMC.
4 schools do not allow study hall students to do homework in the IMC.  =
They must remain in study hall unless they need to use computers, =
reference, magazines, etc.

Sara Johnson, Librarian
D. C. Everest Senior High IMC
Schofield, WI  54476

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