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Last evening (Feb. 24) there was a television show with Lynn Sherr
(spelling?) interviewing families who had been "virtually" terrorized by a
stalker using a computer. One of the points brought out in the segment was
that many states do not have laws in place to arrest and convict these
types of stalkers (and often lack the technological expertise to even
locate them). Instead, they have to attempt to track them down and then
wait until they actually follow through on some type of "traditional" (i.e.
physical) stalking or crime.

One of the problems in "tracking" them was the existence of companies whose
business it is to "shield" their customers from people attempting to locate
the source of the e-mail or other form of "virtual attack" (is there an
official term for this?).

With the recent major "attacks" on various computer systems, and this new
wave of virus?/worm?/smut spam? that many of us on LM_NET and other
listservs have just experienced, it seems prudent to suggest that we submit
our concerns to our local legislators and insist that some viable solutions
be found as well as enacting laws to enforce them. For starters, the police
department should have access to information "hidden" by these companies if
there are "virtual" crimes or harassment taking place, just as they would
have the right to monitor a phone line for phone call harassment.

Comments anyone?

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