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And a great big thanks to all sentient beings out there! With your excellent
help and suggestions, my printer is now working! (Although the computer
attached it just died! -- must be some sort of enhanced entropy field
nearby). Here's what I learned from you:

First: the printer wouldn't do anything (and I mean >anything< - no tests,
no cleaning cycles -- absolutely _nothing_!) 'cause it thought there was no
black ink (black ink light was lit). No matter what I did -- cleaning with
warm water, new cartridges (with the tape removed!), nothing would work --
the black ink light was still lit.

One _key_ suggestion was Epson's web page where there are Tip Sheets and a
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions - strange how no one posts Frequently
Unasked Questions?). One of the Tip Sheets was "How to reset the ROM" when
the printer thinks it's out of ink but isn't (paraphrasing the title!). Once
the ROM was reset, and it's little memory cleared (don't you wish you could
do that with some people -- your own kids, maybe even yourself -- at least
in selective memory areas!), the black ink was no longer lit and the printer
would now perform it's cleaning cycles, self-tests, and all the other
suggestions I received. I repeat -- clearing the ROM was the key! I did the
built in tests, and cleaning cycles and the output is getting better and
better. Now if I can only get it's computer to work...

Grateful thanks, from

Garry Jantzen, Librarian N7SBG
Marshfield High School
Coos Bay, OR 97420-0102


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