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Actually, I figured it out on my own although I had some suggestions from my
friends at LM_NET.  Someone else asked how I did it, so I'll share in case
you techies have a twit like me do it to a computer sometime.

On some screensavers (button bounce) you have to go into settings to set the
password.  For some reason---probably because I installed Dogz (never trust
your daughter's cheap software deals) it won't allow me to change it.

However, on some screensavers (such as flying windows) you get the option to
change the password on that main screensaver screen. You type in the new
password twice, and it works.

However, I still can't change button bounce password, but I just won't use
it again!!!!

I like to have the password because I'm one librarian with two libraries and
it bothers me that someone comes in and uses the computer when I'm logged
on.  I keep lm-net and our local e-mail minimized all the time, so it is a
pain to log off each time I leave the machine.  ALSO, the glitch wasn't as
one of you suggested because I had lied about my age!!!!!!!!

Laura Mason, Librarian/Grant Coordinator
Shelby County C-1 Schools
3071 Highway 15
Shelbyville, Mo.  63469-2225
FAX - 573-633-2138

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