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Here are the results of my target regarding what would be a good computer
magazine for a small high school.  Thank you all so much for your help.
It looks like I will probably go with Smart Computing.

A summary and some replies below.

Yahoo Internet recieved 5 votes

Smart Computng 5 votes

PC Computing  1 vote

PC World 3 votes   www.pcworld.com

Family Computing 2 votes  www.familypc.com

There are a number of technology publications which are free:
PC Week: www.pcweek.com (general weekly on all computer topics)

Technology and Learning: www.techlearning.com (esp. for schools)

Syllabus: www.syllabus.com (education technology, esp. for high school &

T.H.E. Journal: www.thejournal.com  (technology in schools)

Communications News: www.comnews.com (designed for networking--if you
manage a network)

Have you seen BOOK REPORT (secondary) with TECHNOLOGY CONNECTION?  I would
recommend it.  Check out some sample articles etc.  at http://linworth.com

We subscribe to several computer magazines but by far the most popular and
helpful is Smart Computing in plain English (published by Sandhills
Publishing Co.)  This monthly magazine has very useful articles about
hardware, software, web tips, search engines, troubleshooting and much
more.  And it is written so the general user can understand and apply the
information.  But is is not written "down" either---great tips for beginner
to experienced computer person.

Smart Computing (pc) would be my choice.  Excellent magazine.

I really like Smart Computing.  It isn't real techie and has some practical
things to do on the computer.  Has lost of information about web sites, etc.

We use Smart Computing!  It's siomple and great!

Check out Smart Computing.  Another media specialist recommended it to us
for middle school, and I like it.  Not very many middle schoolers gravitate
to it for leisure reading, but it would be understandable to them if they
did.  Their website is www.smartcomputing.com  The only problem was that
they are not available througgh our periodical jobber, so we have to order
it separately.

I think the absolute bestfor general technology is SMART COMPUTING (IN
PLAIN ENGLISH)  ARticles are usually limited to one or two pages.  There
are very few advertisements and pages are cleas and concise.

The feature that I like best is "Quick Studies" that are located towards
the back of each issue.  As I look at this month's issue I see "MS Excell
2000: Using the ROUND function."  It clearly explains this one function in

Many times it functions as a consumer guide as is compares programs that
are similar.

It is published monthly and is $29.00 a year.
Pati Jo Daisy, K-12 Library Media Specialist
Southern Cal Comm. School
Lake City, Iowa   51449
Ph: 712-464-7211

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