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The Hill School is in our area and I hear that it is a pretty good place =
to work, even if they don't seem to know about LM-Net.

Gordon Riley
Technical Services Librarian
Mercersburg Academy
Mercersburg, PA
The opinions expressed are my own!

"You have to be cynical, you have to question things.  You can't take =
someone named Belle LaBelle on face value.  What's her angle, huh?  Who's =
payroll is she on? You find out the answers to those things, and then you =
start movin' fast and crooked.  You go through doorways sideways and low, =
at odd angles.  You look for the big lie, question everything."  Jim =
Rockford, The Rockford Files

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Subject:      Librarian Opening: The Hill School
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Upper School Librarian.

The Hill School, a fine, college-preparatory boarding school for boys and
girls located in Pottstown, PA, is seeking an experienced librarian to =
the Information Services Department Faculty.

THE IDEAL CANDIDATE WILL have at least two years experience in all aspects
of library service, a familiarity with the latest information technology
resources and tools, the ability and desire to work with high school
students in a variety of settings, and an ALA-accredited Master's degree =
its equivalent.

THE IDEAL CANDIDATE SHOULD have a strong knowledge of cataloging practices
and procedures and experience in teaching information skills. Of key
interest will be the melding of the digital and analog information =
in the school to form an integrated knowledge management curriculum to be
presented to incoming students.  A willingness to participate in other
aspects of school life is essential.  Archival experience is a plus.  =
send a letter of interest, resume and references to Anne Henry, Assistant
Headmaster for Academics, The Hill School, 717 E. High Street, Pottstown, =
19464; e-mail: ahenry@thehill.org; voice: 610-326-1000.

[ For info on ISED-L see http://www.milton.edu/ISED-L ]


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