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I asked for information about purchasing from the Discovery Channel
catalog. Of  the  TEN  replies I received, none were negative.
A few of the responses are listed below as I felt their information added
to the hit.

I bought extensively last year from Discovery Channel, purchasing
videos for secondary, elementary and staff development. They are
interesting, quality productions and have been used often.  At first I
accessed the website to download lesson plans when a teacher checked out a
video, but later just provided the website information for them to use.

Before ordering I would try to find a professional review. My husband and I
watch a lot of those kinds of shows from the "extra" channels we subscribe
to, and we've noticed a lot of errors or misleading information. Some of
the shows (not necessarily Discovery) like the history shows can be very
speculative yet they make it seem factual.

Orders are generally complete and fairly fast. But they don't offer MARC
records. You can get most of these titles (both video and cd) from
Library Video Company ( http://www.libraryvideo.com/ ) plus they have
MARC records.

Deborah J. Stafford
Gen. H.H. Arnold High School
Wiesbaden Germany
now proudly on the web at http://www.wies-hs.odedodea.edu

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