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I got this letter from someone at NEA with an explanation of why libraries
weren't mentioned in the Read Across America article.  Haven't figured out
a response yet.

Hi there Johanna,

I recently received your note to Bob Chase about the importance of librarians
and the neglect to highlight them in the NEA Today article.  I certainly
understand your concern and the missed opportunity. While I'm not on the Today
staff, I do work on Read Across America.  I'd like to offer some thoughts.

The NEA Today goes to press very early.  At the time they needed to write
their article about Read Across America, we had just opened up our web site
and started soliciting pledges.  They wanted to give real members' activities
as examples, but at that time there were only about 15 pledges to choose
from...and no librarians were among those pledges.  Now of course, there are
thousands of pledges with MANY librarians' wonderful celebration ideas.

We've highlighted some of those good pledges on our "favorites" section.  Go
to: www.nea.org/readacross/peerlesspledges.html
You'll see some good media specialists and librarians as well.

Also, one of three people who will be honored in our ACAT-emy Awards is a
library media specialist.  Watch the Read Across America web site for more
info on this lady. We are flying her to DC to get her award and setting up
press for her and the other two winners (a community volunteer and a
kindergarten teacher).  I hope this begins to put a spotlight on the very
important job you and your colleagues do every day.

When RAA is over (12 days and who's counting??), please feel free to get back
to me with ideas on how we can do more with next year's celebration!

Barby Halstead-Worrell

Johanna Halbeisen
Woodland Elementary School (preK-4)
80 Powder Mill Rd.
Southwick, MA 01077

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