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Dear Friends:

I know I can count on you for support.  Last Friday in my small Internet Lab
I broke up a smarmy tete-a-tete with two seniors.  The girl involved was
probably pretty embarassed as to what I witnessed and I asked them both to
leave.  As she was logging off her PC I put my hand on her forearm (I will
never touch another student again!) and asked her to leave, again.  She said,
"You can't touch me."  I went out and wrote up a pass for the boy and handed
it to him.  She walked out with her stuff.
seventy students later, and at the end of the day, the ass't principal comes
in and needs to talk to me.  The girl gave a 'student complaint' claiming I
physically pushed her out of the library.  Nothing will happen if she does
not put it in writing and I was told not to worry as 99% of the time this
next step does not occur.  In the meantime I am sitting on pins and needles.
 (This is my fifth week at this position, what a way to start!)

Any advice?  And...perhaps we should discuss, once again, about how we
protect ourselves against these types of situations.

Thanks for suggestions.

Deborah Lang Froggatt, Library Media Specialist
Brookfield High School
Brookfield, CT  06804

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