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When librarians ask a question and soon thereafter reply that they've
already received an answer, I think, "Wow, that was fast!" Never did I
imagine that I would get so many helpful hints, ways to get rid of those
pesky password prompts, nor did I think that so many people would want the
answer. If you've been stymied by password prompts, suffer no longer.

I would like to give credit to George Bynum, who emailed me first. I
followed his directions, and now the request for a password in Windows ‘98
is gone. I can now save my password  for my dial-up ISP, which up until
George's advice, had to be typed in each time. I'd also like to thank all
of the others who emailed me with hints.  And to an old friend who emailed
me to tell me that her tech person had said to live with the problem, I
hope you've shown him that it CAN be fixed.

Here's what George advised me to do.
*When the password prompt appeared with my name in it, I typed in a
password. Yes, it was the right one. I had guessed correctly.
*From there I went to My Computer>Control Panel>Passwords>Change passwords.
At that point I typed in my old password.  I tabbed to the next box, which
asks for a new password. I left it blank and tabbed to the final box, which
says ‘confirm new password." I also left it blank, clicked on OK and all my
problems were over.
**George even told me what to do if I couldn't remember the original password.
>If you don't, go to your \windows directory and delete the .pwl file.
 >Restart the computer, enter your username with no password, and
>enter thru it with no password.  Your problems SHOULD be over.  This
>is one of many reasons for the grayed out box in DUN, so it may not
>solve it, but I'm betting it does.

Thanks, y'all.
Linda Mowery, Librarian
Arlington ISD   Arlington, TX

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