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poem needed 06/01/00 Kathy Sweeney
Reading level abbreviations 06/01/00 Sheryl Mackey
BIG Atlas 06/01/00 Mary Ann Bell
Best Books for Young Adults 06/01/00 Frances Bradburn
Re: 100 Best Ya Books 06/01/00 Joyce Valenza
Re: ***> Search Engine Survey <*** 06/01/00 Carolyn Gierke
Hit: Biometrics in the library 06/01/00 Doug Johnson
User fees 06/01/00 Anne Marie
Re: Target: Character Counts 06/01/00 Betty Klein
SEC: Weeding Atlases 06/01/00 George Anne Draper
Re: They cage the animals at night 06/01/00 Susan Burstein
856 tag 06/01/00 Joan Dyer-Westacott
HIT: Golf (and other sports) (Warning: short) 06/01/00 Garry Jantzen (Marshfield)
Re: Best Books for Young Adults 06/01/00 Heather Norris
Re: If you can get to Valley Cottage, NY 06/01/00 Juli Harris
LMC positions: Appleton Wisconsin 06/01/00 Michele Missner
MID: Literature request 06/01/00 Colleen Flannery
Test:My line length problem 06/01/00 Gordon Riley
Biometrics article online 06/01/00 Doug Johnson
TARGET: Wet books 06/01/00 Bev Nelson
TARGET: K books 06/01/00 Edith Fuller
Hit: Elementary collection development tool 06/01/00 Judy Seck
End of year fun 06/01/00 Diane Pozar
Re: GEN: Romeo and Juliet - Middle School Version 06/01/00 Edith Fuller
STUMPER: Book title? 06/01/00 Ann Green
Target Tech: Getting mpg pix 06/01/00 Paula N. Deal
Re: poem needed 06/01/00 OH_ACA_RRO
Web sites for English Teachers 06/01/00 Eileen Culkin
Roots: Missing tape #1 06/01/00 Grigsby, Susan
Re: Inappropriate end of the year "fun" 06/01/00 Lynn. Mitchell
Michigan to post lesson plans online 06/01/00 Gary Price
SEC:TARGET Grammar textbooks? 06/01/00 Joyce Conklin
Re: End of year fun 06/01/00 Lisa De Nicholas
FW: Technology 06/01/00 Vaughn, Jennifer
New Jersey Battle of the Books Questions for 1999-2000 06/01/00 WILVERDING : KATHLEEN
Lunch times in elementary schools 06/01/00 Ronnie O'Brien
target copyright question 06/01/00 Janice Gumerman
summer internship needed Brooklyn, Queens, NYC, or Long Island 06/01/00 Elisa Greenstein
Need help with a title 06/01/00 Jean & Doug Taylor
Just playing - end of year fun 06/01/00 Madeline L. Buchanan
Teen Programming for Summer 06/01/00 Belinda Pope
much belated thanks 06/01/00 Barb Engvall
JOB: NJ 06/01/00 Mary Hamalainen
Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys 06/01/00 Barb Engvall
Re: Poem Needed 06/02/00 Heather Norris
Re: Poem Needed response,e-mail query 06/02/00 Grace Oliff
Target: help! Everything I need... 06/02/00 OLCS
Retiring--thank you to listserv 06/02/00 Michele Missner
HIT: Web sites for English Teachers 06/02/00 Eileen Culkin
Book Curse (?) 06/02/00 Eileen Culkin
Job in PA 06/02/00 Eileen Carmody
Re: Help! all I neet know I learned in K 06/02/00 OLCS
Great Book! 06/02/00 Bea Ishler
Re: Hogwarts Train! For the fourth Harry Potter Book. 06/02/00 Carolyn I. Gundrum
Target: Classroom Connects' Hotlinks 06/02/00 Laurie Woodfin
question re ordering bar code sets 06/02/00 Jennie Ver Steeg
Re: Silver and Gold poem 06/02/00 Carolyn I. Gundrum
TECH: Looking for laptops for a lab 06/02/00 sgooden
GEN: Battle of the Books 06/02/00 dale e parker
Encyclopedia 06/02/00 Sylvia Mallette
TARGET magazines 06/02/00 dawn hebert
JOBS, MIDDLE: Media Specialist - Oshkosh WI 06/02/00 Blahnik Leon
Heroes 06/02/00 Ann Burgeson
What are AR tests? 06/02/00 Jennifer O'Brien
Harry Potter pb? 06/02/00 Pat Wassink
student question 06/02/00 Dowding, Christine
YA list 06/02/00 David N. Triche
TARGET: Donna Jo Napoli Author Visit 06/02/00 Maggie Elliott
Gale Group/Booklist Review 06/02/00 Terri Alcazar
ELEM: Fishing Fiction 06/02/00 Diane H Albosta
student question about Japan 06/02/00 Dowding, Christine
No Subject 06/02/00 Carol Box
E-Mates in the library 06/02/00 Katie Wells
SEC: CD Players and Recorded Books on Tape/CD 06/02/00 George Anne Draper
CATHOLIC SCHOOLS ONLY-Work Agreements 06/02/00 Sharon Johnson
ELEM: Shelf markers? 06/02/00 Dawn VanLerberghe
SEC: NYS Education Laws 06/02/00 SCHEU, SUSAN
4th Harry Potter? 06/02/00 Cindy White
GEN: Rabbits Eating Flowers 06/02/00 Richard R. Shook
Job Opening: Jackson Hole, Wyoming 06/02/00 Janice Segerstrom
GEN: Arabian Nights and Jason 06/02/00 SCHEU, SUSAN
Keeping cats out of flower beds 06/02/00 Madeline L. Buchanan
software question (to those of us left) 06/02/00 Amy Derwin
REF:Quotation "if the world were a village of 100 06/02/00 Deborah Stafford
ELEM: A Must Read: Dear Genius 06/02/00 Johanna Halbeisen
TECH:Switzerland site that translates URL names to IP addresses 06/02/00 Deborah Stafford
Poets 06/02/00 Gustafson, Jean
Re: ELEM: Shelf markers? 06/02/00 Earl Sande
Harry Potter - 4th novel 06/02/00 Carolyn I. Gundrum
Re: REF:Quotation "if the world were a village of 100 06/02/00 Barbara Braxton
Re: Harry Potter - 4th novel 06/02/00 Gail Grainger
Re: Harry Potter - 4th novel 06/02/00 Giulia Greenberg
Re: Harry Potter - 4th novel 06/02/00 Gail Grainger
Video Conferencing 06/02/00 Gloria LeMaster
Hit: Mega Search Engines 06/02/00 Mary Ludwick
Fwd: What are AR tests? 06/02/00 Jennifer O'Brien
Fwd: What are AR tests? 06/02/00 Jennifer O'Brien
HIT: Harry Potter pb 06/02/00 Pat Wassink

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