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Thank you to all who responded about this situation.  Since a number
asked to read what was sent I am posting this hit.
Can't give too many details, but I bought TV's and mounts from the same
company for assurance of fit.  Zenith, we've been happy.

At another school, I found a company for hotel/motel TV mounts (lots
than school vendors).

Just a couple of points to ponder.
We have 32 inch TVs that are mounted to the ceiling.  I believe they are
mounted to the beams under our tile-looking
ceilings.  I would not go smaller than this size because they are
difficult to see (and so many of the kids have big
screens at home).
as a teacher-librarian-media specialist of 20 plus years...we
started out with ceiling mounted tv's   ...1979 and before...I would
have ceiling mounted anything....admin types always think it's
best...especially to combat thief...(we only had 1 thief which turned
to be an adult aide) ...in 20 years.

My reasons:  It's not so bad...the cons can be lived with...until repair

time.  It always took 2 super able men to take them down...and when our
main building custodian started having back problems...then we had to
for the county lift to be delivered in order to get the things down to
repaired...it got so that getting them down for repair was a major,
problem...and the building custodian hated it too.  It was a major
on-going hassle until I out lasted the admin types that thought it was
best thing since sliced bread!!!

Also if they are on carts...if one is down for repair...another from
another classroom can be just rolled in to use while it's out for

Our district put monitors in each classroom for computer instruction.
are way too small. Just be sure they are of an adequate size.
We quit doing it because of safety concerns.  People bumping heads,
cords, and ceilings are not as sound as walls.  We do all wall mounts
They are up high.

we mounted a tv (27") and vcr in every class last year using mounts
found a
catalogue called frontgate (frontgate.com).  after ordering some from
catalogue, i found the rest cheaper at Office Depot.  very strong,
and simple.
Just ordered some for our new high school the other day.  After some
experimentation we went with Phoenix toke style wall mounts.  The
television sits right in the mount with a vcr shelf underneath.  The
televisions are Zeniths with s video hookups and all are 27".  Some of
these wall mounts can hold up to a 35"tv.  The price for the tv is
(27") and the wall mount is 196.00 with an additional 65.00 for the vcr
holder.  We have had some for two years now and the teachers love them.

Did someone check with state law, building codes and the Board of Ed.
attorney regarding mounting those TVs in the ceiling?  If one falls-
lawsuit could follow- get directives in writing as to your
and liability - for the district/school/Board/ etc. if one falls .... is

this a new building?
Hi. We are a Channel One school, but we have ordered some supplementary
products from Convergent Media the company which gives technical
Phillips televisions and multi-media monitors, along with mounts for TVs
mounts for VCR's. If you are interested in contacting them, they are
in Norcross, Georgia. They have a 800 # . Ashley Johnson is the person
you need to speak to or Chuck --I cannot spell his last name-- and they
very helpful. We are very pleased with their service.
   This probably won't help you now, but at my elementary school we
ceiling mounted TV's and the district said no. We were getting 36"
and could not find a manufacturer that would guarantee that much weight
on a
ceiling mount. The engineering department said it would have to
re-inforce the
ceiling and the expense would be prohibitive. We settled on a floor
cabinets with the television mounted on top and the VCR inside. The 36"
televisions are needed for group instruction, we didn't consider any
We have all our TVs in wall mounts, not ceiling.  We mount 27" TV.  Our
TV(JVC) and mounts are on a bid order, so I'm not sure of the brand.
When I
have to order a mount not on a bid, before they went to bid actually, we

bought them through Highsmith.
You order a bracket that attaches to a secure brace in the ceiling.  I
just did that to hang a 36" monster from the
ceiling in the library.  The kind I bought was a Bretford.  The thing is
just a metal platform on which the tv sits.
You can order an VCR bracket to attach under the TV bracket. Our
maintenace people will run a pipe from the brace up in
the attic, above the ceiling tiles; then they will attach the Bretford
thing to the pipe right at the ceiling tiles.  I
don't remember if they said they would weld it or what.

we ordered 27" TV's with wall mounts with space for
the vcr under the TV. The reasons are that we have drop ceilings
and it is difficult to mount from the ceiling and shorter teachers
need to be able to reach the equipment.  The 27" Panasonics are
easily seen when we mount them tilted toward the ground.  We
order our mounts from Cousins in Pleasantville, NY (914)769-2200.
Ask for Joanne and tell her what you need - she is very helpful.

I just submitted a proposal for tv's, vcr's and mounts, both ceiling and
wall, to my superintendent for our new school.  Some rooms needed
ceiling and some needed wall mounts.  30 wall mounts (Bretford
TVLCW27-BK Silhouette) with retainer bracket, safety belt, and VCR
bracket for 25-27" tv's were $98.97 each through School Specialty.  12
ceiling mounts (Bretford TVLCC27V-BK Silhouette) were quoted at $123.75

Just a word of warning.  Every classroom in my school has a mounted
TV/VCR and it works out well BUT every room has a computer on a computer

cart underneath which is hooked up to the TV so the teacher can
demonstrate whatever s/he want on the computer monitor.  IF you are not
careful when you stand up, you will hit your head on the TV/VCR.  I know

because I have done it 5 times this year.  If you do not put something
of considerable size underneath the mounting, I assure you many people
will hit their heads.  Not fun.
Carole L. Ashbridge,  Library Media Specialist
Sackets Harbor Central School          Phone 315-646-3575
P.O. Box 290            Fax 315-646-1038
Sackets Harbor, NY  13685-0290
 Model Schools Site Administrator, KidsConnect Volunteer

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