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Drivers' Ed Video Tapes 12/26/99 W Grimes
HIT --> DRIVERS' ED VIDEO TAPES 12/28/99 W Grimes
Re: What do we do all day 01/09/00 Connie Pappas
Target: AV cataloging 02/29/00 Bea Ishler
Is The Printed Book Dead? 04/30/00 Carlton Martz
website posting 04/30/00 Linda Villarreal
Nursery Rhyme Activities 04/30/00 Lagerquist Family
CALIF - CYRM Winners announced 04/30/00 Susan Martimo Choi
Library of Congress 04/30/00 Martha Gomez
CongressLink Communicator 05/01/00 Cynthia Koeppel
UPDATED> Lesson Plan Links Website - May 1, 2000 05/01/00 Gleason Sackmann
IRA in Indianapolis 05/01/00 Tony L. Pope
Re: LM_NET Digest - 26 Apr 2000 - Special issue (#2000-523) 05/01/00 Liberty CU#2
Wave Video Question Answered 05/01/00 Keith Johnson
TECH: free iMovie download!!! 05/01/00 Marla Hall
Re: Wise Men 05/01/00 Rossana I. Barrios
TARGET: diversity websites 05/01/00 Eileen Culkin
HIT: Third Wise Man 05/01/00 Sharon Arndt
Re: LM_NET Digest - 28 Apr 2000 to 29 Apr 2000 (#2000-530) 05/01/00 Mary Christmas
Target: Interview Questions 05/01/00 Hildegard Pleva
Remodel or New Library 05/01/00 Mrs. Morrow
More remodel or new library 05/01/00 Mrs. Morrow
AMENDMENT - Summer Job in Montana 05/01/00 Diane VanGorden
Remodel or New Library 05/01/00 Mrs. Morrow
Re: Is The Printed Book Dead? 05/01/00 Mark Williams
SLMS 2000 program changes - NYS 05/01/00 bev
Gen: May is - 05/01/00 Bolitsky, Bernardine
monitoring software 05/01/00 Debbie Fullhart
MIddle School Information Literacy Curriculum 05/01/00 Jane Johnson
Target: Copyright and video delivery systems 05/01/00 Linda Hicks
ELEM: Dictionaries 05/01/00 Michael Solow
Dorr County WI 05/01/00 James Johnson
HIT: K-1 Diversity Titles 05/01/00 Jane Dougherty
SEC: Nelson Demille 05/01/00 Carolyn Gierke
TARGET: GEN: Can you name this?? 05/01/00 Bill McLoughlin
Announcement of Additions to the American Memory Historical 05/01/00 Danna Bell-Russel
TARGET: SEC: Hmong culture 05/01/00 Jennifer Smith
Winnebago/Sagebrush Shelflist 05/01/00 THOMPSON CAROL
TARGET: Reading programs 05/01/00 J. Renee Thompson
Re: library of congress/MARC records 05/01/00 J. Renee Thompson
Local authors for SLMS 2000 NY 05/01/00 bev
ELEM: wordless picture books 05/01/00 Marcia Dressel
Mystery and Science Fiction Lists 05/01/00 David N. Triche
TARGET: Fiction Egyptian books 05/01/00 Dawn VanLerberghe
Re: HIT: Target: Movies with Career Themes 05/01/00 Sharon Arndt
ADM: Book by Book Inventory 05/01/00 Kay Goss
Re: TARGET: SEC: Hmong culture 05/01/00 Chris Koppenhaver
Re: Is The Printed Book Dead? 05/01/00 Doug Johnson
Arabian Nights Tv Special 05/01/00 Nancy Lieber
Re: Is The Printed Book Dead? 05/01/00 Robert Koreis
Re: TECH: iMac questions 05/01/00 Miller-Breetz, Julie
HIT: Target: Movies with Career Themes 05/01/00 Deanna Schumm
GEN: Discounts offered , freebies w/Scholastic Book Fairs? 05/01/00 Rena Deutsch
Hit, ELEM: Read-aloud Books - Taking proper care of library books 05/01/00 brenda latting
Re: Is The Printed Book Dead? 05/01/00 Vicki Sherouse
GEN: Big6 Resource available for information literacy 05/01/00 Peter Milbury
BOOK: The time of the ghost by Jones 05/01/00 Frederick Muller
Re: Ender's Game by Orson Scott card 05/01/00 Janet Weintraub
AUP 05/01/00 Liz McMahon
Gen: Application form for student volunteers 05/01/00 Randi Hermans
Two Bar Codes? 05/02/00 usjlibrary
Hatchet Video 05/02/00 usjlibrary
For Union Kentucky, Litchfield KY, 05/02/00 Penny McAllister
GEN: Job posting, Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire (The Ivory Coast) 05/02/00 Kathryn Turner
ELEM: Summer Reading List 05/02/00 Mary Hayes
Sec: Accuracy of reference source 05/02/00 Ellen Fisher
Have Hatchet Video 05/02/00 usjlibrary
Re: Is The Printed Book Dead? 05/02/00 Clete Schirra
GEN: Read-alouds and positive attitudes 05/02/00 Joanna D. McCloskey
TARGET:Alexandria users 05/02/00 McCorkle Sandra
HIT: elementary biographies 05/02/00 Robin Shtulman
HIT: Middle School 05/02/00 McCorkle Sandra
TARGET: Middle School Summer Reading 05/02/00 McCorkle Sandra
Re: LM_NET Digest - 2 May 2000 - Special issue (#2000-539) 05/02/00 Nelson Thompson
GEN: Arabian Nights Tv Special 05/02/00 Terri Lent
GEN: Rauland's Telecenter IP 05/02/00 Jody Turner
Target: Mud poem 05/02/00 Jane Dougherty
Article needed from Time 1985 05/02/00 Carolyn Gierke
Adrienne Yorinks Quilts 05/02/00 Jeanette Larson
HIT: Name tags/badges 05/02/00 DONNA WALTERS
HIT: Couldn't do without for high school 05/02/00 DONNA WALTERS
No Subject 05/02/00 Mary Jo Grundle
ELEM->chapter book needed with has elements of personification or 05/02/00 Melinda Miller-Widrick
TARGET: Video 05/02/00 Marcia Norris
GEN: Data projector image 05/02/00 Taylor, Roseanne
TARGET: AP test question 05/02/00 Eileen Culkin
Mountain Biking Magazine 05/02/00 Aaron Noll
TIME article received 05/02/00 Carolyn Gierke
Across Five Aprils 05/02/00 Kevin Carlson
AASL mailing to over 84,000 U.S. principals 05/02/00 Steven Hofmann
Hit: Pioneer life web sites 05/02/00 Linda Lucke
Gen: Reverse AUP 05/02/00 Ellen Hansen
HIT: Diversity web sites 05/02/00 Eileen Culkin
curious about selection tools for audio visual materials, 05/02/00 Jennie Ver Steeg
HS - Block scheduling? 05/02/00 ghough
Target: Recommendations for video camera for animations 05/02/00 Kathy Thomson
100 years ago (interesting) 05/02/00 Rubaiyat
SEC: HS Homepages 05/02/00 Richard R. Shook

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