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Re: GEN: Redundant subject headings 11/20/00 Jeff Ahrens
HS Video Checkout 11/20/00 AnnMarie Brehmer
REF: Quotation written after Robert F. Kennedy assassination 11/20/00 McCammon, Carol
TARGET, TECH Library Management Systems 11/20/00 AvidReader2
HUMOR: Political poetics 11/20/00 Alice Yucht
ELEM: Mexico Only 11/20/00 Debra Kilcup
ELEM: VIETNAM ONLY 11/20/00 Debra Kilcup
"We didn't Start the Fire" video 11/20/00 Ruth Hanks
Are any of you church librarians, also? 11/20/00 Donna L.
Target: Bilingual Dictionaries 11/20/00 Dan & Jennifer Bozone
Target: Author Elizabeth Falk's books 11/20/00 Dan & Jennifer Bozone
Sarah Stewart/Author Visit/Other Authors 11/20/00 Martha Magee
GEN: Temporarily Stopping (and Re-Starting Mail From LM_NET) 11/21/00 Peter Milbury
Target: Wolff vs Selective Service 11/21/00 Linda Strauss
TARGET: Portfolios for Library Media Specialists 11/21/00 Denise L.
ELEM: Checkout over holidays 11/21/00 Madeline Buchanan
GEN: Article needed 11/21/00 Pam Tinker
Gen:Snowed-in overnighter 11/21/00 Claudia Mahlman
Re: ELEM: Checkout over holidays 11/21/00 Paula Laurita
GEN: Holiday Web sites 11/21/00 KAREN DEFRANK
ANNOUNCEMENT: READ IN! eBay Auction begins Sat.11/25 11/21/00 Jane Coffey
GEN:Western NY Road Conditions 11/21/00 Kalliopi Mantalias
GEN:librarian's image 11/21/00 edward nizalowski
Target: Christian Fiction 11/21/00 Dawn Sardes
Venting about teachers AND looking for new fund raiser 11/21/00 Amy Derwin
Learning Alphabetical Order 11/21/00 Suby Wallace
High School: Student use of supplies 11/21/00 Tom Zarrilli
In answer to a question on LM_NET for books that had made a best 11/21/00 Barber
HIT: MS - Easy Shakespeare 11/21/00 Marie Baker
Equipment suggestions?? 11/21/00 Marie Baker
Bookfairs for h.s. students 11/21/00 Pollyanna Roberts
Family Reading Night 11/21/00 Pollyanna Roberts
Book fairs for h.s. students 11/21/00 Pollyanna Roberts
Parent reading night for h.s. 11/21/00 Pollyanna Roberts
TARGET: Switching from one automation system to another 11/21/00 Garry Jantzen (Marshfield)
No Subject 11/21/00 SCHEU, SUSAN
Re: ELEM: Checkout over holidays 11/21/00 Mrs. Lader
Thanksgiving Trivia! 11/21/00 Florence Manier
FL. MS/HS Media Specialist Needed 11/21/00 Joy Hendrickson
Fw: Re: ELEM: Checkout over holidays 11/21/00 JaKay Greer
Re: Elem-checkout over holidays 11/21/00 Bolitsky, Bernardine
Origin of Term "Bailing Out" 11/21/00 Diane VanGorden
HIT: South African poem 11/21/00 Elizabeth Bentley
HIT->Television Studio 11/21/00 Judy Evans
SEC: Does this look familiar? 11/21/00 Ruth Ann Williams
You've Got Mail Book Title 11/21/00 Lisa Jessup
GEN: Ultimate Dog/Cat/Horse Books 11/21/00 Marcia Dressel
Bailing Out 11/21/00 Diane VanGorden
SEC: Listserv for Bus. educ.? 11/21/00 Audrey Novak
Re: Holiday Checkout 11/21/00 janet perry
SEC: Memoir Anthology 11/21/00 Laura Pearle
First Choice files 11/21/00 Laura Mason
TAR: Human Sexuality Resources 7-9 11/21/00 Kathy Thomson
ebook 11/21/00 Sharon Paintner
TARGET: library lab computer placement 11/21/00 Shearer, Allison
Nov./Dec. Hornbook 11/21/00 Diane Pozar
HIT: Automation 11/21/00 Shearer, Allison
Share: Harry Potter Merchandise 11/21/00 Diane Pozar
TAR: Middle School Baseball books 11/21/00 Tara Morissette
GEN: Modern Curriculum Press Info 11/21/00 Joan CHAVEZ
Tracking software 11/21/00 Floyd Pentlin
Circulation 11/21/00 Jennifer Axtell
TAR: middle school baseball books 11/21/00 Tara Morissette
Re: Redirecting a web page 11/21/00 Linda McCoy
GEN: Boxermath Software 11/21/00 rich tabis
Elem-Flexible Scheduling: Help! Rigid schedule teachers! 11/21/00 Laurie Woodfin
TARGET: Poe 11/21/00 Michele Knowles
Re: Book title 11/21/00 JaKay Greer
National Board Standards 11/22/00 Sherri Frieze Kilby
ebooks 11/22/00 Margaret Calcara
TARGET: Successful arranged marriages 11/22/00 Cathie Schaeffer
Re: ELEM: Checkout over holidays 11/22/00 Rod and Lisa Dreesman
Re: Job Postings 11/22/00 Rebecca Geornas
book title? 11/22/00 Corrine Fisher
Re: ELEM: Checkout over holidays 11/22/00 Wanda Nall
SEC: Cable TV Policies 11/22/00 Bacon Pamela
chicken/road/writing styles 11/22/00 HAZEL MALONEY
HOLIDAY REMINDER: Pause your mail from LM_NET with NOMAIL 11/22/00 Peter Milbury
Hit: Check out over holiday 11/22/00 Mary Ludwick
REF: Questions on citing Websites 11/22/00 Kelley Wilson
FW: ebooks 11/22/00 Mayberry, Kristel
High school required reading 11/22/00 Kim Hurson
GEN: SHARE: ebook discussion 11/22/00 Mercy Library
Re: title found: The Great Jam Sandwich 11/22/00 JaKay Greer
TARGET: High School re Copiers in the Library 11/22/00 Endlich, Rebecca (EWHS)
HIT: ELEM Holiday Read-Alouds 11/22/00 ELIZABETH A. KAMINETZ
HIT: New Baby Book Collection Suggestions 11/22/00 ELIZABETH A. KAMINETZ
THANKS: National Board Asssessments Pilot 11/22/00 Sadie Longood
HIT: Modern Curriculum Press Info 11/22/00 Joan CHAVEZ
Re: HS Video Checkout 11/22/00 Donna Steel Cook
Elem: Holiday Check-out 11/22/00 Sandi Ploetz
Re: Elem: Holiday Check-out 11/22/00 Staino
TECH: Video Bulletin and Emergency Announcements 11/22/00 Lyle, Nancy
ebooks 11/22/00 BRENDA WUNDER
Re: GEN: SHARE: ebook discussion 11/22/00 Jamie Boston
HIT: Checkout over Christmas 11/22/00 Madeline Buchanan
HIT: National Board Standards 11/22/00 Sherri Frieze Kilby
GEN: Seminar by Patty Campbell 11/22/00 Sharon Muraida
Re: ebooks 11/22/00 Rosanne Zajko

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