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Re: SEC: More Call# Questions 11/29/00 Irwin - Maureen S.
Re: ELEM: Title suggestions 11/29/00 Irwin - Maureen S.
help with title of book 11/29/00 B Young
REF: career info, mortician, 1600's 11/29/00 Denise Keogh
Website Address? 11/29/00 doree hager
SEC: We All Fall Down & Tenderness challenges 11/29/00 Vicki Reutter
HIT: Christmas Skit Ideas 11/29/00 Diane Averett
Elem: Canadian Stories/Authors 11/29/00 Tony L. Pope
GEN: Too Cool Website 11/29/00 Molly Pearson
Long Beach, Calif. Newspaper article 11/29/00 Joanne Proctor
Re: AR level of "Scorpions" 11/29/00 Vicki Sherouse
Re: SEC: More Call# Questions 11/29/00 Lee Gordon
Re: Call# Questions 11/30/00 Dawn Sardes
Long Beach article found 11/30/00 Joanne Proctor
GEN: Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft 11/30/00 Karen Barrett
Media Query 11/30/00 Susan Fonseca
Elem. books for Ramadan 11/30/00 Barbara Wall
MID: Skateboarding alternative 11/30/00 Claudia Mahlman
SEC: Need NY Times Mag Article 11/30/00 Mayer, Debra
Re: AR level of "Scorpions" 11/30/00 Judy Meadows
Gen: Selling Weeded books 11/30/00 Pauline Herr
Weeding and teachers 11/30/00 Emily Smith
Target: Video on Financial Planning as a career 11/30/00 Staino
Re: Elem. books for Ramadan 11/30/00 Sherry Wallace
Re: TARGET: Reading level web sites 11/30/00 Dawne Reed
Re: Elem. books for Ramadan 11/30/00 Paula Shipley du Feu
HIT:Holiday Websites for Countries & Cultures 11/30/00 Charlotte Poole
REF: Year in Review 11/30/00 Kay Goss
Help needed with iMac OS9 11/30/00 Reesa Zuber
???Cataloguing question 11/30/00 Reesa Zuber
ELEM: Book Club 11/30/00 Marsella, Kristen
Re: SEC: Need NY Times Mag Article -- Rec'd! 11/30/00 Mayer, Debra
JOB: Children's Librarian - Public Library in MA 11/30/00 Jody Newman
Sec: Best Books List 11/30/00 janet
Citing website for a bibliography 11/30/00 Lisa Jessup
Mandarin vs. Winnebago 11/30/00 Rosalyn R. Friedman
A BIG THANKS 11/30/00 Denise Mattson
ref: Christmas in other languages 11/30/00 Laura Mason
GEN: Vendor? 11/30/00 David Lininger
GEN: SEC: WWII Naval battle 11/30/00 Lynette Mitchell
TECH: Poster printer--anyone using? 11/30/00 Pat Wassink
REF: Adrian Adams, fashion photographer 11/30/00 Doug Bancks
Re: Citing website for a bibliography 11/30/00 ca_sallee
TARGET: banned book reasons 11/30/00 Marcia Kochel
TARGET, TECH: Security systems and laptops 11/30/00 Marcia Kochel
THanks 11/30/00 Viviane Lampach
GEN: address for Christopher Paul Curtis 11/30/00 Kathy Clark
Re: Gen: Selling Weeded books 11/30/00 Staino
Sec. Student survey for classroom teachers 11/30/00 Jim Neal
GEN: Video Copyright 11/30/00 Dianne Gibbons
GEN 11/30/00 Cliff Smith
GEN: Melting glue and/or mylar jackets? 11/30/00 library lady
HIT: Equipment purchasing suggestions 11/30/00 Marie Baker
Re: ref: Christmas in other languages 11/30/00 Reggie Buresh
GEN: automated circulation and teachers/volunteers 11/30/00 Meg Schimmels
Tech: URL from WebTV 11/30/00 Donna Baumbach
History of Hairbrush Needed 11/30/00 Barb Hult
Target: Ancient Greece 11/30/00 SCHEU, SUSAN
Target: HS literature suggestions 11/30/00 Marie Baker
HUMOR: How the Grinch Stole Election Day 11/30/00 Diane VanGorden
REF: Sports or Sports Biography Encyclopedia? 11/30/00 Amy Austin
Announcement of Update to the American Time Capsule Collection of 11/30/00 Danna Bell-Russel
Re: GEN: SEC: WWII Naval battle 11/30/00 Donald Pippin
TARGET: Public Library Journal address 11/30/00 Bev.Nelson
Re: GEN: SEC: WWII Naval battle 11/30/00 Dan Robinson Indexing Services
HIT: GEN: Doctorial Administration Degrees 11/30/00 Jennifer Smith
Re: TARGET: Reading level web sites 11/30/00 Shonda L Brisco/lib/Okstate
Target: Invention sites 11/30/00 Powell, Marcia
Map Sites 11/30/00 Judy Owen
HIT: Encyclopedia in Spanish 11/30/00 Janet Pfadt
Hit: Time for the other jobs: elem only 11/30/00 Barb Sears
Secondary: American West missing volumes 11/30/00 Anne Oelke
TARGET: Evening hours for school libraries 11/30/00 ODonn247
Hit: Elem Books on Ramadan 11/30/00 Carolyn I. Gundrum
Re: Scholastic Book Fair 11/30/00 JSchaffner
RAMADAN Books and Resources 11/30/00 Tavis Adibudeen
TARGET: ELEM: Cyber Scavenger Hunt 11/30/00 David Bilmes
TARGET: Elem: pros and cons of computer lab in the library 11/30/00 Mary Helen Fischer
target - parent permission form for web publications 11/30/00 J Fitzsimmons
Re: Gen: Selling Weeded books 11/30/00 T K Cassidy
TARGET: Magazine cataloging 11/30/00 Mary Pierce
Share: Christmas Trivia 11/30/00 Kay Goss
HIT:Stanford 9 Daily Trivia 11/30/00 Amy Steward
GEN: Concentrated Language Encounter 11/30/00 edward nizalowski
Central NY Library Media Specialists ONLY 11/30/00 Erin Dinneen
TARGET,ELEM: picture book re white parents and African Am. 11/30/00 Kim Dahl
GEN: evolution of Santa / "Santas" from around the world 11/30/00 Jennifer Kleparek
GEN: New Job Offer: Should I Take it? 11/30/00 Wendy Agocs
MID: AR 11/30/00 Lyn Malone
Re: Young Adult Cinderella stories 11/30/00 W & S Koontz
Target: Presidential Succession 11/30/00 JRowan
HIT :Copyright 11/30/00 RAY and PATTI CARLSON
HIT:SEC: Amer.History/Amer.Literature Joint Projects 11/30/00 Sandy Eichelberger

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