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HIT: SEC: Fiction vs Non-fiction ratio 11/09/00 Ginnie Genovese
TECH: Netscape Messenger Help 11/09/00 Kay Goss
REF: Info on Felice Holman 11/09/00 Vicki Lyngstad
REF: Hitler Propaganda director 11/09/00 Virjean Griensewic
TECH: My Microsoft Word has died?! 11/09/00 Jody Newman
Re: REF: Hitler Propaganda director 11/09/00 Brig C. McCoy
TARGET: a Jack Prelutsky 11/09/00 Florence Manier
Tech: Netscape Composer 11/09/00 Wanda Nall
HIT: Faithful Elephants 11/09/00 Dolan
Marine Corps Birthday/Veteran's Day 11/09/00 Clete Schirra
HIT: Electric library service 11/09/00 Bev.Nelson
GEN: HELP! NJ CERTIFICATION 11/09/00 Michael Maley
(no subject) 11/09/00 Michael Maley
HIT: Media Literacy 11/09/00 Deborah King
Reminder: Program Proposals for AASL Tenth National Conference 11/09/00 Steven Hofmann
HIT:Thanksgiving cut-out story 11/09/00 Rachel Woodyer
Target-Middle School advanced readers novel study titles needed 11/09/00 David S. Nelson
Marc Records 11/09/00 Charlie Roberts
elem: current events 11/09/00 Donald T. Ptak-Watertown-North jeff-lewis boces
TARGET: automation 11/09/00 Shearer, Allison
Opinion requested 11/09/00 Samiandindysmom
Re: HIT: SEC: Fiction vs Non-fiction ratio 11/09/00 Carol Simpson
Help with title 11/09/00 Michael Drinkwater
Famous folks ADD/LD 11/09/00 Audrey Glick
Observation and dewey lesson 11/10/00 Cindy Hughes
Re: Opinion requested 11/10/00 Peter G. Mohn
Target: Welcome in many languages 11/10/00 Cynthia Caine
TARGET: Novels for AP US history project 11/10/00 Martin Heires
Re: Prayer 11/10/00 dtriche
prayer & tolerance 11/10/00 Diane Chen
Thanks! AUP? 11/10/00 Frances D. Aley
HIT: Books for Comparing and Contrasting 11/10/00 Tracey Donaldson
Target: Justify Author Visit 11/10/00 Christine Hatalski
HIT: Inventors and Inventions (long) 11/10/00 Toni Buzzeo
Turn on 11/10/00 Staino
TARGET: Middle School Play - World War II 11/10/00 Staino
Re: prayer & tolerance 11/10/00 Dan Robinson Indexing Services
HIT: Placement of library computers 11/10/00 Lewis, Mary Stewart
GA Only 11/10/00 Pat Leggate
ELEM : Thanksgiving mystery 11/10/00 Joanne Proctor
TARGET: Establishing a price for items in a collection 11/10/00 Von Bischoffshausen Gustavo
Thank you/ Jack Prelutsky Poem 11/10/00 Florence Manier
Target: events for November 11/10/00 Sally Steur
TARGET: 2nd grade ESL books 11/10/00 Amy Madzinski
Target: US History Timelines 11/10/00 Picone
GEN: New York LAST and ATS-W exams 11/10/00 Lynn Maiky
ELEM; Jack Prelutsky Poems 11/10/00 Lewis, Mary Stewart
REF: Laura Bush 11/10/00 Wendy Paige
Mouse Skills Software 11/10/00 Stephanie Fiedler
Re: Target: US History Timelines 11/10/00 David Lininger
BOOK: Friends & enemies by Gaeddert 11/10/00 Frederick Muller
Re: Target: events for November 11/10/00 Barbara Braxton
Presidential ballot joke 11/10/00 Gordon Riley
Presidential ballot joke, with attachment this time 11/10/00 Gordon Riley
AR Teacher Made Test Site 11/10/00 Judy Meadows
Re: GEN: N.H. courts allows turn over of Internet logs 11/10/00 Julia Anne Colvin
COPPA and AUP's 11/10/00 Kate Stirk
Re: GEN: N.H. courts allows turn over of Internet logs 11/10/00 Dawn Sardes
Re: GEN: N.H. courts allows turn over of Internet logs 11/10/00 Diane Guiett
Target: integrated units 6-12 11/10/00 Carla Ewy
TECH: System providers 11/10/00 Marilyn Sue Chapman
SEC: Monster 11/10/00 Ellen Wickham
REF SEC - on-line psychology dictionary 11/10/00 Cathy Wright
Spanish Language Software 11/10/00 Jennifer Schwelik
Elementary activities needed 11/10/00 ellen schare
TARGET->Middle School Book Checkout - Nov 2000. 11/10/00 Debbe Creamer
GEN: Cataloguing heading 11/10/00 Barbara Braxton
TARGET: Middle Schools on Block Schedule? 11/10/00 Melissa Davis
TARGET: Use of the Big6 - time sensitive 11/10/00 Mike Eisenberg
Re: Target: integrated units 6-12 11/10/00 Irwin - Maureen S.
HUMOR: Literature Abuse: America's Hidden Problem 11/11/00 Cathy Subbiondo
HIT: Welcome in many languages 11/11/00 Darlene DeHudy
HIT: Online Psychology Dictionary 11/11/00 Darlene DeHudy
TECH: Can't delete email 11/11/00 rich tabis
Re: SEC: Monster, f word 11/11/00 Donna Steel Cook
GEN: Great elementary library site 11/11/00 Barbara Braxton
Re: Cataloguing subject heading 11/11/00 Barbara Braxton
Tech: Sharp Hi 8 Viewcam Model vlh420 11/11/00 Camille Atkins
GEN: FLORIDA person hunt 11/11/00 Mitchell, Lynn
Alert: Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Awards Program 11/11/00 Jean B. Bellavance
Elem: Leopard Story 11/11/00 Clay and Jan Cole
GEN: Christmas Links pages 11/11/00 Barbara Braxton
Tech: Alexandria reports 11/11/00 Kathy Grout
Spider Magazine poem, Decemeber 1999 11/11/00 cb sellen
HUMOR: Ode To The Spell Checker 11/11/00 Susan Speranza
Re: GEN: Christmas Links pages 11/11/00 Jane Coffey
SEC:Articles Needed 11/11/00 C & A Laferla
Tech: Word wp to Applewks wp 11/12/00 Diane Johnson
TARGET: Information Literacy Standards source called "McRel" 11/12/00 Sally Cohen
GEN: Cape Cod MA 11/12/00 Nancy Bleakley
Graphic Organizers Hit 11/12/00 Judy Prevedel
REF: Religious org. 11/12/00 George O'Connor
Hit: Translator software/web sites 11/12/00 Virginia Martin
GEN: Help with an iMAC/LaserWriter problem 11/12/00 Judy Freeman
TARGET:A+America - Free Technology for Schools 11/12/00 Karen L. Mile
HIT: Newbery Candidates 11/13/00 Paul Lavery
Slumber Party titles for K-1 11/13/00 Helen Cologne
Target:Internet Filtering 11/13/00 Deb bergen
Elem: Making a case for flexible scheduling 11/13/00 Pat Dunford

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