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At 06:21 PM 10/31/00 +0000, Kathy Geronzin wrote:
 >There are two buildings in my school district that are networked and
 >connected by fiber optic cable.  In the afternoon when we try to use the
 >20 computers in the lab the Internet connections get so slow they might
 >as well have stopped.  Five computers might continue to make connections
 >and the other 15 stop.  There are IMACs in the lab.  In the library I
 >have five MACs and I have the same problem.  Two or three will connect
 >and the other ones come to a stop.  Can anyone tell me what they think
 >the problem might be?  The IMACs are supposed to be the fastest
 >computers in our school.  TIA
In no particular order, here are the things you should consider:

1) Regardless of the fiber connection between your buildings, how big is
the pipe between your network and the Internet? Trying to push twenty or
thirty machines through a 384K Internet connection can get tricky if
they're all trying to work with multimedia (graphics, animation, video, etc.).

2) Are you running some kind of proxy or content filtering software? If all
of your Internet traffic flows through some piece of software for security
or content reasons, perhaps that machine is not configured properly.

3) Do you have speed problems with other network resources? Are you using
any internal file servers or e-mail servers which display similar problems
when everyone tries to access them?

4) While I like bashing Macintosh as much as the next guy, I don't think
this problem can be blamed on the iMacs. :)


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