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I'm sorry to report that I have not received any messages with examples
of challenge policies *specifically* aimed at challenges to web site
links. Copy of original posting is at the end of this message. I did,
however, receive a couple of messages agreeing that this is something to
be explored. One is quoted below. Another message gave an example of a
disclaimer from the school library's home page, so I have included it
(without the person's name) in case it might be useful for others.

<This is a wonderful idea!  I hadn't thought of it, but have seen the
problem.  One must disavow
responsibility for secondary and tertiary links from websites one links
to.  I am in the midst of a redesign
of my pitiful website right now, and your query implies all the ALA
intellectual freedom and bill of rights
documents, posted for all to refer to.  They become part of any
challenge policy you develop.  That, too, should probably be posted on
the homepage as most complaints will come in to the webmaster, not via
some paper document in a file drawer.>

<Sites listed within this web are not under the control of the school
district and are not guaranteed to be or remain acceptable for student
use.  If a student enters a site that is inappropriate, they must leave
at once.  Please notify [media specialist's name] so that the link can
be removed from the web site.>

Original posting (10-12-00):
This TARGET: is for schools or districts that have links to web sites
through the library media center, either through a Web based OPAC or
other type of link associated with the library. Do you have a
"challenged materials" policy in place that deals **specifically** with
challenges to your Web linked sites?  If so, would you be willing to
share it? Please send as email attachment to my email address below, or
contact me for fax or mailing address. Thanks!

BTW--I am, of course, doing all the usual research of literature and
have looked at the ALA materials.

Carol McWilliams
Assistant director, SUNLINK
University of Central Florida
Orlando, FL

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