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I have been mulling this idea around for awhile.  Too often others think
that our job is s-o-o-o-o  sedentary and I would like to prove them
wrong.  So, I am proposing the following idea.  I would like for all who
are willing to purchase a pedometer and use it for 30  working days,
then submit the information and I will compile it/analyze it.  We will
either find out that we are quite active, or everyone else is correct!
So, if you are willing to do so, obtain a pedometer, and we will collect
our data for the first 30  working days in the year 2001.  Here are the
exact rules I have devised.
1. Participants purchase a pedometer.
2. Pedometer will be used for 30 working days, beginning in January
3. Pedometer will be activated each morning when you enter the building
in which you work.
    Pedometer will be turned off each PM when you leave the building.
Distance will be recorded each day.
4. I will send out a form to fill in at the end of the time to gather
our statistics.
5. If a holiday falls within the time, that day will not be used for
data collection purposes (duh!), we will use 30 *working* days.
6. Our study will be international in scope.  (When I analyze the data,
I will ask for country and then we can compare US to others as well as
total group.)

I hope I am not the only one curious about what the information will

Mary Croix Ludwick, MLS    B.B. Owen Elementary K-5
Lewisville ISD,  The Colony, Texas (near Dallas)
ludwickm@lisd.net (school)   ludwick@swbell.net (home)

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