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   I am running SuccessMaker (CCC) software, version 5.1 on an iMac network
with a G3 (?) server.  We use AtEase for student access.  We have had this
about a year.  When we first installed it, we had a problem with the CCC
icons either not appearing or appearing incorrectly and not properly
connecting (would try to connect to a modem, for example).  We never
figured out what caused it, but could remedy it by going on the individual
computers, trashing the icon (it was an alias for the CCC program), and
putting on a new alias.  All has been fine for the past year . . . until
last week!  Now I'm getting missing or incorrect icons, and have to go thru
the above procedure to get the correct ones showing.  Nothing has changed
or happened, nothing has been added to the computers or the server, but in
the past week I've had to change 21 computers, some more than once.  It's
driving me nuts!  Can anyone tell me what's causing this and how to prevent
it?  I have noticed an icon on the student folder (on the hard drive, not
on the AtEase screen) that wasn't there before, but I can't open it as the
message says something to the effect that AtEase isn't activated.  When I
trashed that, I still had a bad CCC icon; when I left it, the CCC icon
appeared correctly.
   All help appreciated!

Sue Berger
Media Specialist, Washington Elementary
Davenport, Iowa

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