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Hello Again Dear LM_NET Colleagues,

I left out one of the most important subjects: HUMOR

A gentle reminder: Please remember that it is especially helpful to use
our standard subjects. It allows for faster screening, and for more
effective searching of our LM_NET archives as well.

Please note that we have two new subjects:  SHARE and REVIEW

   We have been making effective use of defined subject headings, in
   order to assist members in managing the large volume of LM_NET mail.
   Please try to use these Subject terms in the subject line of your
   postings. Currently available Subject Topic Keywords are:

       TARGET:   request for information to be compiled for a HIT:
          HIT:   the compiled information from the TARGET request
        ADMIN:   restricted for official messages from the listowners
        GREET:   for requests for greetings
         TECH:   for PC & MAC software & hardware discussions
          REF:   requests for all types of reference questions
          GEN:   anything that doesn't fit the other categories
         JOBS:   postings of job vacancies
         ELEM:   postings for kindergarten to 5th grade topics
       MIDDLE:   postings for middle school topics
          SEC:   postings for secondary grades (9 to 12)
        HUMOR:   when you want to share something humorous
        SHARE:   share something that you have created or done
       REVIEW:   member reviews a product, book, Web site, film, etc.

            Subject: GEN: Special movie on PBS tonight
            Subject: REF,SEC: Info on World War II
     When in doubt about which to choose, pick GEN:

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