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Here is the HIT on Librarycom.com.  These are all the messages and they run
the gamut from awful to great.  Most folks just wanted information, so I
assume there is not much in the trial and error category yet.  I will keep
collecting email if you hear of anything, and I will compile future hits
when five people send information.

Here are the responses:

1.      We are using LibraryCom this year.  It has been a disaster.  The program
is not finished as we speak.  I would wait until they have their act
together.  Remember you get what you pay for!  By the way our district has
twenty-seven schools and there is not one happy librarian.

2.      I am in a small school too with 250 students.  We are urban, low-income
and looked into librarycom. The unfortunate thing is that they only can deal
with books, not AV materials.  Also, a lot of the MARC records are not in
their database as it seemed to me they are not geared specifically toward
school/children's libraries...so...but I think it is a good deal if you can
work it into your system.  When I called to ask about it, they were very
helpful but they are on the west coast so there is always a 3-hour time lag

3.      I am the Librarian in an elementary school and we have been automated for
years.  We switched from Columbia Library System to LibraryWorld about three
years ago.  LibraryWorld is a library software package put out by CASPR
Library Systems.  They are also the creators of the Librarycom.com online
automation system.  I have enjoyed using LibraryWorld with only a few
hitches in the program.  I have also used Librarycom for my own personal
library (which is extensive) and I haven't really found the time to finish
cataloging my personal library.
Needless to say, Librarycom is all that it says it is!  It is FREE (for the
first seat) and I think that if I had to do it over again I would have
automated my elementary library using Librarycom instead of paying mega
dollars for their other system (even though I like it).  Of course, there is
much to be said about the "scary unknown" and "whatifs". That's why I'm
automating my personal home library first and then we'll see.

Here is some interesting information from another:

I just finished going through the list of schools on their website and
writing to four of the schools here in the state of Michigan.  Two of them
have not replied, but the other two do not use LibraryCom and are puzzled as
to how their names got on the website.

Thanks again and keep the information flowing!

Marilyn Chapman
Teacher/LMS student
Shaffer Elementary School
Litchfield, CA

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