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During the month of October, OnlineClass invited educators to visit
its Web site to participate in an online survey. The purpose of the
survey was to learn how educators were using the Internet now, how
they see themselves using it in five years, and what kinds of online
resources have proven the most useful to date.

The great majority of respondents saw the huge potential of the
Internet to deliver better and more exciting teaching. Few need still
to be convinced of its power; and relatively few felt they needed
more training.

Teachers are currently using the Internet primarily for their own
purposes (teacher prep, lesson plans, professional development). The
only highly ranked student use of the Internet was for "student
reference source."

When asked about five years from now, respondents see themselves
using the Internet more across the board. However, there was a
general shift in priority from teacher-based resources to
student-based resources. For example, using the Internet as a student
reference and for online projects rose to the top of the list.

Time and resources seem to be the main reason teachers are not moving
faster to integrate the Internet into the classroom. Both statistical
and anecdotal responses indicated that having time in the classroom
is the most important factor in applying the Internet to education.
Teacher prep time came in a close second, followed closely by
financial and administrative support. In fact, both statistical and
anecdotal responses indicated agreement across teaching disciplines
that Internet integration cannot be implemented until administrators
spend more money on the purchase of good Internet content and
delivery systems, and not unless schools expand the concept of
learning time and place, and reverse the trend of bottlenecking class
time with "teaching to the test." These are the major stumbling
blocks to the educators' view of a technologically balanced future.

Complete survey results are published on the OnlineClass Web site

Cathy de Moll

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