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We're in a tizzy about the wisdom of buying into a program ,DRP from =
TASAliteracy.com -- that correlates with our state Mastery Tests-- which =
will do something like a lexile level of a number of books.  Currently =
15,000 in the system (which sounds like a lot but I'd think it limited) =
and promise of 25,000 next year.

The Upper School principal believes that having the program for the =
teachers will assist them in finding what they need for their students =
(who will have a DRP score when completing the Mastery Test). =20

 I think that we should have a kit of a kind that would allow me to level =
our collection and color code it so that students, knowing their colors =
could be told to choose books with this color on the spine---when they =
access the library.

They system would be for k-12 not just the high school

I'm further told that California schools are dropping the lexile leveling =
they have been using.

Can anyone advise me about this?  Why is CA dropping it?  What would the =
pros and cons be.

I /did/ search this in the archives and found pointers to places on the =
internet that have levelled books.  I also have Weaver, Leveling books =
k-6: matching readers to text.

Thank you for sharing and I WILL POST A HIT if wanted.

Roselle Weiner
LRC/Library Services Coordinator
American School for the Deaf
139 North Main Street
West Hartford, CT 06107
860.570.2275 v-tt
860.570.2301 FAX

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