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I am anxious for some advice.  Our computer lab, office and my library are
being networked for a direct internet connection.  At the same time my 5
user Novell network was placed on the "master" server.  I have been told
that I can have only one "staff" station active at a time.  When my
network was on a server in my office dedicated to just my Follett program
my staff stations gave me the full Follett menu.  That way if we needed
two checkout stations we could have them, or if I wanted to catalog and
still have an active circulation station I could.  Since I have been
networked my system has always been set up that way.  Now they tell me
that I can have only one staff station active at a time.  It is necessary
to "protect" the network so they say.  I no longer have a server in my
office.  I can change each station from staff to student easily and have
multiple student stations, but not multiple staff stations.  Could someone
really hack in to my staff stations from the server or whatever it is they
fear could happen?  I am not clear on what it is they fear can happen.

Please, please tell me that it isn't true that I can have only one staff
station at a time.  Does it have to work that way? I
would appreciate it if someone could explain in simple language how I
could retain the flexibility I have always had now that I will be sharing
the server with the internet connection.  I am quite depressed to think
that my work functions will be so truncated.

The network is Novell, my machines are PC pentiums, and the lab is MAC.
As of this moment my Follett is the only thing on the server as we are
waiting for the rest to be finalized.

Thanks in advance for any help.  I am very depressed over the situation
and can't believe that I will have to give up my flexibility.

Please respond to me at jselby@tranquility.net


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Jan Selby, Library Director * Columbia Catholic School * K-8 * 817
Bernadette Drive * Columbia, MO 65203 * 1-573-445-6516 * jselby@coin.org

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