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I'm confused (don't be alarmed, this is very normal for me :-)).  I
responded to this post from Kathy titled "Networked Computers"

> > There are two buildings in my school district that are networked and
> > connected by fiber optic cable.  In the afternoon when we try to use the
> > 20 computers in the lab the Internet connections get so slow they might
> > as well have stopped.  Five computers might continue to make connections
> > and the other 15 stop.  There are IMACs in the lab.  In the library I
> > have five MACs and I have the same problem.  Two or three will connect
> > and the other ones come to a stop.  Can anyone tell me what they think
> > the problem might be?  The IMACs are supposed to be the fastest
> > computers in our school.  TIA
> > Kathy Geronzin, District Librarian
> > Northeast Community School District
> > 3690 Hwy # 136
> > Goose Lake, IA 52750
> > phone 319-577-2249
> > FAX 319-577-2248
> > e-mail: geronzin@hobbes.caves.net

...I asked her if she was connected via a cable modem and I have recieved
the following replies from differnet people in differnet places.

Good Morning, Keith,
  No, we have a high speed Wide Area Network [WAN] using T-1 lines from our
local telephone company.  Mucho bandwidth.  This may not be practical for
some, but telephone/modem access is impractical in a school
situation...Internet access will be very frustrating, and the unintended
collateral message will be that Internet at this school is an antiquated and
unusable system.  Users have little patience for long downloads.
Librarians, too...
-Ray Van Diest/District Librarian/Shasta Union High School District/
Redding, CA

Bea Ishler, LMS
Bryant High School
Irvington, AL

No. It's a part-time T1. That's not the official name, I still
don't remember that. But at times we get full T1 speeds and at
other times it is much slower.
Melissa Davis            Librarian
Splendora Middle School            Splendora I.S.D.
26175 FM 2090            Splendora, TX 77372
Internet: mbdavis@tenet.edu            PHONE: (713)689-2853
          mbdavis@splendora.k12.tx.us      FAX: (713)689-8445

Anyone know what's going on?  This dosen't seem to make sense... Or I just
might finally be going nuts! :-)

Keith Dzura
Media Coordinator
Southeastern Stokes Middle School
1044 North Main Street
Walnut Cove, NC 27052
336-591-8164 fax

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