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Hi. I am thinking of purchasing two of these as presentation monitors for
classrooms. Does anyone have experience with them? We bought three of the
Philips ScanCards a few weeks ago and the VGA picture quality is blurry. We
want them to split from the PC in the classroom so the teacher can show
websites, Powerpoint, software, etc... But they need to work for showing
videos also. Thanks for your time and help.
Shelley Paul


ARCADIA AR2.7AV 29"(27).83MM-AG 800X600
                                            Price:  $999.95
                                            Shipping:   $62.93
                                            In Stock:  yes

Watch your TV on your PC, work from your TV, PC and Mac compatible Built-in
stereo speakers Princeton Graphics Systems moves the PC into the living room
and the TV onto the PC with the Arcadia AR2.7AV color PC/TV convergence
display. Is it a monitor or a television? Well, it features a direct-view
CRT that combines the brightness of a television and the clarity of a
monitor. The Arcadia was built as a monitor first, with excellent text,
graphics,and   windows viewing. It connects directly to the computer via a
standard 15-pin cable with no need of a video/RF adapter card. This version
adds composite and S-video inputs for direct connection of VCR, DVD, laser
disc. A digital scan converter uses Arcadia's larger video bandwidth to
enhance the entire video image. You can watch enhanced TV without running
the computer. This display has a 29-inch (27-inch viewable) Invar shadow
mask CRT with a .83mm stripe pitch at center. It is PC and Mac compatible
and supports VESA  DDC1/2B Plug and Play. The Arcadia monitor uses a digital
technique called line doubling to enhance the video image and display with
non-interlaced, progressive scanning. Because it scans at twice the
television standard vertical  rate, viewers see a brighter, rock-solid
picture free from flicker. Displaying SVGA (800 x 600) in RGB mode, the
AR2.7 is ideal for web browsing, spreadsheets, text, and graphics. Built-in
speakers showcase stereo sound, and an infrared remote control unit lets you
access the on-screen display. Add a wireless keyboard and you are  now
couch-top computing.
Digital-ready (DTV), the Arcadia is compatible with 480p, 1080i HDTV
formats.  Featuring a high video bandwidth of 40 MHz, the data/video AR2.7
displays   computer sources up to SVGA resolution (800 x 600) in RGB mode
with stunning detail and clarity. Multiple inputs for video sources,
built-in amplifier,  speakers, and remote control add versatility,
convenience. The AR2.7 includes a built-in line doubler for enhanced
resolution from standard video sources such as TV tuner card, VCR, and DVD.
The AR2.7 is compatible  with progressive DVD players for the ultimate video
experience. Additional features include a full-function wireless remote
control, PreVu on-screen menu displays, built-in speakers, and multiple
audio/video inputs.
The Arcadia meets stringent FCC Class B requirements for home or office use.
                                            * AR2.7AV monitor
                                            * Infrared remote control unit
                                            * One year warranty onsite

Shelley Paul
Media Specialist/Computer Teacher
Woodward Academy Primary School
Atlanta, GA 30337

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