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Hello you library ladies and lads,
    Hickman Elementary School hosted our first ever "Author Day" today with
Nashville's local FOX-17 weatherman & author Tim Ross.  Mr. Tim has written
"Brewster the Rainmaking Rooster", a picture book in full rhyme about a
rooster who predicts the weather.
     The book and the author were big HITS with our students. Mr. Tim was
extremely flexible and a very funny, dynamic speaker. He read to our
students from his little book of poems, showed some of the video adaption
of Brewster & his newest book due out by Christmas, and showed a video clip
of his weather station. Mr. Tim presented 3 sessions to our students and
had some teachers attending all 3 times (still laughing at the end). These
were very interactive sessions with teachers and students involved, but
under control. He had lunch with the winners of our poster contest, filmed
the students for a clip on TV tonight, and is right now autographing tons
of books.
     I would recommend your contacting Mr. Tim for any upcoming author
days. He will be happy to send out a sample book and teacher packet or you
can stop by and talk to me about our day.  Mr. Tim can be reached at
FOX-17, telephone 615 259-5628, fax 615 369-3299, email
tross@wztv.sbgnet.com, or you can call him at home 615 599-6982. (Of course
I am posting his telephone numbers with his permission. :-) )

Diane R. Chen, Library Information Specialist
Hickman Elementary School
112 Stewart's Ferry Pike
Nashville, TN 37214
TEL: 615 884-4026

Diane R. Chen, Library Information Specialist
Hickman Elementary School  Nashville, TN
ChenD@k12tn.net    or  DianeRChen@aol.com
TEL: 615 885-8956    FAX: 615 885-8848

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