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Dear Friends,

I have seen several questions requesting information about Scholastic
Reading Counts. Since August, I have spent numerous hours working with this
program. I consider myself practically an expert with this program now.
Twice in the last two weeks I have called tech support because I have
figured out how to solve my own problem. I'm wondering if they pay more than
a teacher's salary. :) :)

I thought I would share a few tips I have learned. I am currently using
version 1.3 on an IMAC server with Appleshare IP6.3.

Tip # 1-

Back up everyday!

Tip # 2-

If you are going to run the Book Expert upgrade, disable your file sharing.
Itried doing the upgrade with the sharing on and it did not finish
overnight. When someone tried to access the server, it stalled the upgrade.
I then had to restart the machine and the database was screwed up and I had
to use my backup database. When I disabled the file sharing and ran the Book
Expert upgrade, it took less than an hour.

Tip # 3-

If you are doing any of the maintenance activities, do not let anyone try to
access the database (or I suspect now, even the server, so disable the file
sharing to do this also.)

Tip # 4

Back up everyday!

Tip # 5

Do not load a single user version of SRI (Scholastic Reading Inventory)
along with a network version of Reading Counts. This happened to me, it
changed my database making it unaccessible to all but one machine.
Ultimately I had to start from scratch and reenter all my data. Fortunately
the students hadn't used it yet, so they didn't lose any quiz data.

Tip # 6

This isn't really a tip, just some information. On my older IMACs (one year
old) that have multiple users I can't access the Scholastic Management Suite
from multiple users. Students also can't check their progress while in
multiple users. If they are out of that they can.

Tip #7

Back up everyday! Keep a week of back-ups. Label each one with the date.
Last week I tried to reload my back-up from Thursday and kept having
problems. Finally, I loaded the back-up from Wednesday and it worked fine.

Tip # 8

The upgrade from 1.1 to 1.3 solved really slow access to the quizzes. If you
are using 1.1, get the update.

If anyone has any questions about Reading Counts, I would be glad to help
you. Also, don't be afraid to call the tech support, they are very willing
to help, they just don't always know the answers!!!

Out students are thoroughly enjoying using the program.

They are running a special right now on custom disks. When you call to order
be sure and ask. It is a 25% discount.

Good Luck,

Barb Ehlers
Media Specialist
Wings Park Elementary
111 8th Ave NE
Oelwein, Iowa 50662

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