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Thank you to all who responded to my original request on whether or not
you allow study hall student to line up (perhaps I should have said "bunch
up" at the door a few minutes before the bell rings.

Of those who are in a situation similar to mine, where students may sign
out of study hall to do research or reading in the library:
62 do not allow students to line up at the door before the bell rings
4 do allow this.

Some common themes of those who do not allow this:
Some seconded the idea of this being a pet peeve -- either of the
individual or their principal.
Using humor with the students seems to help them follow this rule.
Allowing this behavior makes for a waste of time -- and the students may
try to line up earlier and earlier, thus wasting more time.
There were concerns that the students can not be well supervised at the
door, and they block the entrance.
Many felt that this issue became even more complicated when there was a
class in the library with a teacher who does allow this behavior in the
Some had a school-wide policy on this, others said since the students
wouldn't do this in a classroom, they shouldn't in the library, and still
others voiced the frustration that some teachers do allow this in their
classrooms which makes it more dificult for the rest of the teachers.

Of those who do allow this the following explanations were given:
This provides them with time to actually *clean up their areas* and *push
in their chairs*.
A short passing time between bells makes this more reasonable.
One found that because a traffic jam occurred in the hallway outside the
LMC, allowing them to line up got them out quicker, thus not blocking the
entrance for as long as doing it the other way.
The opinion was voiced that the cue for students to line up should come
from the LMS, not the students.

I feel much less out of touch, as many of the messages echoed my own
sentiments rather closely -- even down to language: the students
"migrating" over to sit close to the door, "it hurts my feelings" to see
you so eager to leave, etc.

I hope this is of interest to more than me!

Kelley S. Wilson                               kwilson@ucf.k12.pa.us
Unionville High School
Kennett Square, PA

"The multitude of books is making us ignorant." -- Voltaire

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