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I had to jump in on this thread.
Sedentary-??? I don't think so.

The teachers' say that I have an easy job of sitting and reading books so
here is one week's worth of lessons.  Which probably mirrors what you do.
 (I do 2 schools:  7--4th, 8--5th, 7--3rd, 6--2nd, 1--1/2blend, 6--1st,
5--Ks[2 groups which are double classes].  Anyone who was in my library
during the 4th/5th grade classes this week would definitely know that the
library is not quiet and the librarian is definitely not sedentary.

My lesson was the second week of literary genres.  Last week was
definitions and examples, this week they were to locate 2 titles of the
genres throughout the library.  Does the phrase "Search and destroy" give
you a clue of what was happening.  There was happy-finding noise,
constant motion of 28-32 students looking for info, constant
"Teacher--where do I find, is this a....?".  AND of course me pointing
out good examples of the different genres to individual students and
making sure that they were completing the task properly. AND during one
class having a fire drill in the middle of it.

Then with the 1s-2s doing story (by sitting time) and then checkout (my
fast moving, listening, directing, you know the routine, etc.).  Ks doing
a storytime in sign language (I have a K who is nonverbal and using sign
language, and since I am one of the very few in the building that sign, I
sign for all of the Ks so that they can see it and get used to S. using
it.) and then checkout (my arms and hands get full workouts also).  3rds
doing booktalks on genres (this week was animal fiction).

 I don't think I really sit much except for my preps, when I do email
read, and reading my mail, and processing the new books. (45 min.).

I think that I need to find out how librarians are so sedentary, I must
be doing something wrong.  Even with the storytelling times that I get to
sit in the rocker, I'm constantly moving to redirect students to be good
listeners.  Maybe my next life I can have the great job of being the
writer of children's books--I hear they are somewhat sedentary and have
great hours and do not have hundreds of papers to correct.  Oh, to only

JaKay Greer, Teacher-Librarian
Powell Valley Grade School
Kelly Creek Elementary School
Gresham, OR

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