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I wonder if any of you computer gurus can help me.  I was given four
computers from our high school computer lab to use in the our library.
The lab is a separate network from my library network. On the four
computers I unistalled/deleted all of the lab programs, included  Office
2000 which the teacher had installed to run off her network.
 Then I installed Office 2000 to each computer.  Everything worlds
properly on all the computers but one.  On this computer every time I use
MS Word, the program freezes when I try to open an existing file, or
whenever I try to save a new file. I go to the "File" menu and click on
"save" or "save As"  it just freezes. And I have to do a Crtl-Alt-Del to
end the program.  THe program aslo freezes if I go to the Tools-Options
and click on the Save tab.  All the other options tabs work fine.  The
Excel programs works like a charm.  After all this happened, I tried
un-installing and re-installing Office 2000.  Same problem.  I
un-installed it a final time and installed Office 97.  ut I have the same
freezing problems.
  Anybody have any ideas?  I tried to elimante any vestiges of the old
network.  I even went into the register to remove the old network's
drives. All the computers are Windows 98.

Margaret Bedle
Caravel Academy
Bear DE

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