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Here the suggestions for an elementary level school play 60 - 90
minutes long with lots of characters and limited scene changes:

1) Peter Pan and Babes in Toyland: My son is in a children's theater
group that works out of the Univ of New Haven (not to be confused with
Yale). They just finished Peter Pan and have done Babes in Toyland and
a host of others.
2) Many Moons - James Thurber's Many Moons worked
very well for me eons ago.  Our better readers/writers wrote the
script from the story, but I believe a script is available. Because
it's a castle setting, numbers of characters can vary, but you'll need
3 or 4 strong  characters for the leads.
3) Beanie and the Bamboozling Book Machine - I directed a great play as one
of the sponsors of a Theatre Club in Decatur, GA. It was called Beanie and the
Bamboozling Book Machine. We purchased it from the Samuel French Co. I
believe they have a website. It was great, because it is about a boy who invents a
machine to read books for Book It, so he doesn't have to. When it malfunctions,
several storybook characters come out of the books, and he has to figure out how
to get them back in their stories.
4) Coming of Age - If it is still available from the National  Association of 
School Principals, "Coming of Age: A musical drama about being thirteen," is a
delightful play that I produced with my middle school students a couple of times in
the 1980s.  In both cases, we were fortunate in that members of the local drama 
volunteered services to teach kids and help with the production.

We now have some good leads!

Thanks again,



Andrea Hynes, Librarian
Graham Elementary School
10026 204th Street East
Graham, WA 98338
e-mail: hynes@seanet.com

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