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I am finding this thread very interesting since many of the faculty think I
have it made because of the unscheduled times on my schedule.  They do not
realize that these times are for classes to schedule for research,
individual and small group projects, and library maintenance duties.

I realized how little I sit down after having foot surgery three weeks ago.
The doctor could not understand why I could not just sit down and prop my
foot up when it started hurting.  One day I tried doing this and just as I
sat down with the ice pack, a group of 5th graders came in to do research.
Of course I had get up to show them how to get information on the computer,
locate books for them, etc.  The only way that I could rest my foot was to
stay home. which of course I didn't do.  The students were very
understanding when I told them that I just couldn't go to the bookshelves to
help them since I didn't want to take the chance of my foot getting stepped
on and many learned how to find books for themselves!  And I know I won't be
sitting down during my book fair during Nov. 13-17.

Isn't it interesting to go into classrooms and see the teacher sitting at
his or her desk and teaching from there?  I never could do that as a
classroom teacher and I certainly can't do it in the library.

Madeline L. Buchanan, Library Media Specialist
W. J. Christian School (K-8)
Birmingham, Alabama  35206
Phone (205) 838-7666 or 231-5277
Fax (205) 838-7673

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