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Hey all.

I received great hits!

Unfortunately we don't purchase science programs because it's not tested by
the state but when I taught science I used an excellent program called
Science Sleuths.  This was for middle school kids but there are different
levels of difficulty and it should be challenging enough for 9th grade.
(for those in the elementary schools they also have many more titles for
grades 3-6).  Try this link.

If you need network versions/site licenses I would recommend buying a title
from Sunburst (www.sunburst.com).  They have a good selection, many titles
have won awards, and a network version is only $600.00.  I've also bought
some titles (math) from Edmark (www.edmark.com).  I don't know how often
they do it but last spring they had a buy one get one free sale on network
versions (also $600.00 regular price).

One more thing, the ASCD publishes a software review book called "Only the
Best".  I encourage anyone who needs to purchase software to get a copy
(only $30).  It's not overwhelming like many similar guides because they, as
the title states, list only the best software titles using a stringent
criteria for excellence.  Check it out at:


You may want to try our EVALUTECH web site (www.evalutech.sreb.org) and use
the keyword field for each of your topics and the format field to select
software.  I would suggest running your search twice on each topic,
selecting "software mac/win" to get hybrids and then "software win" for CDs
that run on only one platform.


You might check and see if the Field Museum in Chicago has a web site. They
had some pretty neat cd-roms in the store when I visited it during BEA.

Hope I got them all!  Thanks again.

Kathy Thomson
S. Bruce Smith School
Edmonton, Alberta

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