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Thanks to everyone who responded!  I really appreciate it, and so do the
people that I was helping!


Sarah Conover
Library student,
Library aide/Computer lab monitor
University of Montana, Missoula, MT
"'Our job,' said the count, 'is to see that all the words sold are proper
ones, for it wouldn't do to sell someone a word that had no meaning or
didn't exist at all.  For instnace, if you bought a word like "ghlbtsk,"
where would you use it?'"  --Norton Juster, The Phantom Tollbooth

try Kay Vandergrift's web pages- she has one on coming of age stories. I
don't know the URL but if you put her name in quotes, you'll find it.

Hi there
Tuesday Cafe
The War on Villa Street
Out of the Dark - Katz
The Frozen Waterfall

I'm at home so sorry I don't have some authors

Another aspect to consider might be the author.  S.E. Hinton was seventeen
when she wrote the outsiders.  There are several other published authors
that wrote their first book when they were teens.  I posted a hit on teen
authors last spring that would give you some titles and names.

Otherwise for your original question, I would suggest Chris Crutchers The
Crazy Horse Electric Game.

Try searching in Short Story Index for coming of age (or adolescence) -
you'll get lots of suggestions. There are also the following short story

        Who do you think you are by Hazel Rochman
        No easy answers by Donald Gallo
        On the Edge by Lois Duncan

Have you tried the short story anthologies by young adult authors? ie
Sixteen, Visions etc.  edited by Gallo

These three collections would have short stories that fit the "coming of
age" theme.  Doing Time by Rob Thomas is about seniors at a fictional high
school doing community service for graduation.  Leaving Home (selected by
Hazel Rochman & Darlene McCampbell) is a multicultural book about physically
or emotionally leaving home.  And Help Wanted (selected by Anita Silvey) is
about kids growing up through the job experiences they have.  There are some
great stories in each of these three books.

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