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I made a rather hasty reply to a request for information on Zigzag, Oregon.
Although the book, "Oregon Geographic Names" doesn't list the town, it is
mentioned in the Atlas of Oregon. It's on highway 26 on the way to Mt. Hood,
on the Zigzag River, right next to Rhododendron, OR (there's also an Azalea,
OR). The index lists it as a "recreational community". I'll keep on looking
and see if I can find more. People on my staff who've been there say it's a
wide spot in the road with a gas station/store. It probably isn't
incorporated which would explain it's absence from the OGN book, which leans
heavily on 'officially' recognized names to avoid legends. 97049 is the zip
code, so the USPS recognizes the area at least!

While we're visiting Oregon, there are some towns I've actually visited (so
I do know they're there!) such as Drain (named after a founder), Glide &
Boring. Eugene, OR, while not too unusual a name is one of the few cities
named after a founder's _first_ name. His last name was Skinner (there is a
"Skinner's Butte" - long 'u' as in "beautiful" for our eastern and non-U.S.
members) which the founders thought didn't sound too cool for a town name.
Couldn't the founders of Drain and Boring looked around for another founder,
I wonder. It must take more than one person to 'found' a city!

I'd be interested in the results of the student's research on unusual names.
There must be a book on that somewhere?


Garry Jantzen, Librarian N7SBG
Marshfield High School
Coos Bay, OR 97420-0102
garryj@coos-bay.k12.or.us (If you're not making mistakes, you're not trying
hard enough - Mark Willes, former CEO of Times-Mirror Corp.)

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