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Hey Folks,
I basically need a reasurring pat on the arm to let me know that it is okay
to get rid of a 17 year old lighted globe and its stand in my PK-8 library.
I emailed the manufacturer asking if I could just buy a replacement globe
without having to purchase another stand.  The answer was no because they
change sizes and fittings every 10 years and I would end up paying more
instead of scrapping it and buying a new one.  This is my first year at this
school and my goal is to update most of the biographies and other
non-fiction.  I have been trying to update our reference section because most
of the dictionaries, atlases, almanacs and other reference books are anywhere
between 20 and 40 years old!  The previous librarians did not weed unless the
book was damaged.  So now, I am looking like the mean old librarian throwing
away all of these "great" donated materials (Did I mention that this is a
private school?) that are older than I am in most cases.

It is so big, and the kids love looking at it while they are waiting for
pickup.  It was a donation from a graduating class, so it was not purchased
from the library budget to begin with.

So my friends, do I toss the existing out of date globe without having a
replacement?  I can't discreetly get rid of it, like I have done other items.
 Suggestions or blessings?


Camille Atkins
Highland School (Pre-K through 12)
Warrenton, Va. 20186

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