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After eleven years, I changed jobs to my home school district this summer,
and am trying some new ideas. I'm getting ready for the November Book
Groups- one for fourth grade and one for fifth graders. Kids sign up ahead
of time. We meet during their lunch time, so basically eat and then chat.

Here are a couple of questions about Book Groups:
 I have had a great response from the fourth graders...how do you get books
into the hands of a lot of kids. I really don't want to buy lots of extra
copies of titles..but it also seems like they should be able to get their
hands on the book the group is asked to read. What might your solutions be?
[Do realize a smaller group is better- limit the number of kids? ]  Realize
I could use the public library also... anything else?

Also, where do you get your ideas about what types of books or what titles
to read? This month we are reading two John Gardiner books as he is visiting
our school at the end of the month. Last month was a Newbery/Holes and a
Young Hoosier Award book nominee/Lone Wolf..

I think the kids are enthused, but I would like to make this easier for all
of us, and this multiple copies thing is driving me crazy!

Many thanks for your ideas..

Sue Marley
Media Specialist
Smoky Row Elementary
Carmel, Indiana
home: booklady@gte.net
school: smarley@ccs.k12.in.us

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