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Hi all,

I have a question about Netscape Navigator (version 4.6, I believe).  It =
seems that more and more web pages have a dark colored background and =
light colored or white text.  This text does not print, because the =
printer reads it as white, the same color as the paper.  In the page setup =
settings under the file menu there is an option to check "black text."  =
This takes care of the printing problem.

My question is, how do I make this the default setting?  All I can figure =
out is to change it each time we start Netscape.  This is not realistic to =
do for each of our 10 machines each time the computer or program is =
restarted, especially since we have to turn Fortress off each time we want =
to make a change.  I've resorted to telling students they can't print =
pages with white or light-colored text.  It seems there has to be a way to =
change the default settings, though, so that it automatically prints all =
text in black.  Does anyone know how I can do this?

While I'm writing for help, we're having another problem with Netscape.  =
Every so often all of the links and buttons  will go dead.  The only way =
to fix it is to restart the computer.  It happens to all of our computers =
and sometimes multiple times per day.  Does anyone know what causes this, =
how I can prevent, and/or a better way to fix it?

Much thanks in advance,
Chris Koppenhaver

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