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un with a survey.  This is modeled on the one which Publishers Weekly =
conducts among booksellers for children's books each year.  We thought it =
would be fun to see what librarians who worked with teens thought.  You =
should not agagonize over this, put down the first thing that comes into =
your mind.  It should not take more than two or three minutes.  Thank you =
for your help.  HAVE FUN.

We are also posting this on YALSABK

Ray Barber --The William Penn Charter School
Judith K Meyers.--Wilmington County Public Library of Clinton County =

The 2000 Dorothies, You Aren't in Kansas List
In honor of and with apologies to Dorothy Broderick

Favorite young adult novel

Favorite young adult non-fiction book for young adults

Favorite adult book for young adults

Favorite e-book for teens

Most likely to win the Newbery Award

Most likely to win the Printz Award

Author most likely to win the Margaret Edwards Award

Most memorable male character in a lead role

Most memorable female character in a lead role

Most memorable villain

Title most likely to be censored and why

Best sequel

Funniest book

Best book title (not counting contents)

Most eye-catching jacket

Best opening line

Most overrated book

Best multicultural book

Best book of poetry

Best mystery

Best fantasy

Best science fiction

Best Christian title

Favorite new series

Most objectionable book

Most disappointing book by a favorite author

Most overdone subject

We need a book on*. Or dealing with*.

Biggest flop

Best author heard at a conference

Best author for a school visit

Most garbled title request

Oddest request by a teen

Positive new trend noticed among teens

Negative new trend noticed among teens

Raymond W. Barber
Director of Libraries
The William Penn Charter School
300 West School House Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19144
phone:215-844-3460 x144
fax: 215-844-5537

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