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Kathy you have relayed an interesting story.  Thank you!  And please Kathy
thank your clerk for sharing it.  It really sounds like something his wife
would have said -- however, the wife at the time that Theodor Seuss Geisel
wrote the Horton books would have been Helen Palmer who did not die until
October 23, 1967.  It was the following year on August 5, 1968 when he
married Audrey Stone Diamond, who had two daughters.
At the time of Geisel's death in 1991 (09/24) he was survived by his wife
and the stepdaughters (Lea and Lark), his niece Peggy Owens and her son
Theodore Owens.
Anyway it is Lark Grey Diamond-Cates who is helping to plan the Dr. Seuss
National Memorial in Springfield, Massachusetts.  It will feature six
bronze statues -- I hope at least one will be a "who."
BTW Helen Palmer was the founding editor of the "I Can Read" series of
books for Random House that feature the Cat in the Hat logo.
Sharron McElmeel

At 2:39 PM -0800 11/29/2000, Kathy Clark wrote:
>According to my clerk, she heard an interview with Dr. Seuss, in which he
>said they were not the same! The ones the Grinch deals with have antennae,
>and the friends of Horton don't. Apparently, Horton's buddies were
>originally going to be called "What" but his wife (Audrey Geisel) said
>"Horton hears a 'What'" just didn't sound right!

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