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I use the three letters of the subject's last name for my
lit crit books.  It is SO much more organized.  And I was
told by my cataloging prof. years ago that this was
perfectly legal and probably preferred in lit crit.  So I do
it with no apologies!  It works.  Remember that the whole
goal of cataloging is PATRON ACCESS. =20

On Tue, 28 Nov 2000 10:45:10 -0500, you wrote:

>To add to Vicky's dilemma re. the 920's, I have another (different) one.
>I realize it isn't "proper" format in any category other than
>biographies to use the subject's last name as the call # letters (921
>EIN for Einstein even though written by someone else) but what about
>using that "system" for authors in the 800's?  Or artists in the 700's?
>I have multiple shelves of 813.52 or 813.54 for Lit Crit and think it
>would be much easier for students if all the Hemingways were 813.54
>HEM.  I know that the call # includes the correct letters to find but am
>looking for a way for students to find books more easily.  And what
>about Lit Crit books about books by an author? (Same question re. the
>art books).
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